The Suns tied the series 2-2 against the Lakers

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The Phoenix Suns faced off against the Los Angeles Lakers for Game 4 on Sunday.

Game 4 held at Staples Center ended with the Suns defeating the lakers 100-92 and tied the series 2-2 to move to Game 5 on Tuesday.

The Lakers started well in the first quarter but started to lose the lead after the second quarter.

Then things started to go downhill even more for the Lakers after Anthony Davis missed the entire second half after suffering a strained left groin.

The pressure was all on Lebron James for the game after Davis’s absence.

On the other hand, Chris Paul stepped up for the Phoenix Suns and as a result, they won over the Lakers and tied the series.

The Lakers took the lead in the first quarter.

Deandre Ayton started the quarter with a dunk then James answered back with a layup.

They tied the game again with 9:22 remaining in the first quarter.

Wesley Mathews then dropped a three-pointer and Booker answered back with a bucket.

Lebron James answered with a three-pointer.

Dennis Schroder’s pass to the Lebron James for another bucket.

Jae Crowder quickly dropped a bucket cutting the lead to two-point. Booker knocked down a three-pointer to give the lead to the Suns.

Anthony Davis dropped a jump shot and Marc Gasol dropped a three-pointer.

Booker answered back with a fadeaway jumper. Cameron Payne dropped a three-pointer.

Torrey Craig dropped another three-pointer taking the lead four-point lead.

Schroder then quickly dropped a jump shot and again dropped a three-pointer.

Kyle Kuzma lob to Marc Gasol gave another bucket at the buzzer taking a point lead, ending the quarter.

The Suns take the lead in the second quarter.

Andre Drummond started the quarter with a dunk.

Cameron Johnson then quickly came up with a layup right after that.

Kyle Kuzma then dropped a three-pointer after that. Ben McLemore then dropped another three-pointer. The La Lakers took the lead with 9:58 minutes remaining in the quarter.

They were 27-37 with 8:40 remaining in the quarter.

Booker drew a foul and dropped a bucket making a three-point play. Cameron Johnson dropped a three-pointer cutting the ideal to four-point.

Mclemore dropped a three-pointer extending the lead.

The Phoenix suns quickly tied the game with 5:13 remaining in the quarter.

Crowder then quickly dropped a three-pointer. Matthews answered back with a three-pointer.

Alex Caruso then added back with a three-pointer, taking a two-point lead.

James dropped a dunk over Mikal Bridges and took the four-point lead.

Bridges answered back with a three-pointer.

They were 49-50 with 1:18 remaining in the quarter.

Chris Paul dropped a jump shot to take a lead. Bridges then added a three-pointer.

The quarter ended  54-50 with the Suns taking the lead.

The Phoenix dominated the third quarter.

The Suns quickly dropped a bucket to start the quarter.

Deandre Ayton quickly dropped back-to-back layup on Chris Paul’s pass.

They were 60-52 with 9:26 remaining in the quarter.

Ayton dropped another dunk. Kuzma came up with a floater.

Bridges dropped a three-pointer subsequently.

Paul dropped a fadeaway jumper back-to-back. Drummond dropped a dunk.

They were 68-56 about halfway into the quarter.

Drummond dropped a dunk and Payne answered back with buckets.

James dropped a floater after that and Paul answered back with a bucket.

They were 77-64 with about a minute left to play and Crowder dropped a floater.

The quarter ended with 81-65 and the Phoenix Suns took the lead going in the half.

The Phoenix Suns took the lead and won the game.

The Lakers started with a bucket in the quarter. 

They were 85-67 with 9:50 remaining in the quarter.

Kuzma then dropped a layup and on the other end, Paul lob to Ayton gave another bucket.

Schroder dropped a three-pointer and Lebron James then dropped a layup.

They were 88-74 halfway into the quarter. Marc Gasol dropped a three-pointer cutting the lead to 11 points.

Bridges then dropped a three-pointer. James scooped a layup and Booker dropped a jumper.

Caruso then dropped a three-pointer. Paul then came up with a fadeaway jumper.

Gasol dropped a three-pointer and Crowder comes up with a three-pointer.

They take 10 point lead with 1:19 remaining in the quarter.

Caruso dropped a layup then Craig came with a dunk on the next possession.

James dropped a layup then the quarter ended 100-90 with the Suns taking the lead.

Scoring highlights.

Six players from the Phoenix Sun scored in double-figures.

Chirs Paul led the Suns scoring 18 points, 3 rebounds, and 9 assists.

Devin Booker dropped 17 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists.

Jae Crowder dropped 17 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists.

Deandre Ayton dropped 14 points and 17 rebounds double-double.

Mikal Bridges contributed 11 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists.

Cameron Payne led the Suns’ bench, scoring 13 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists.

On the other hand, Lebron James dropped 25 points, 12 rebounds double-double, and 6 assists.

While all the starters couldn’t score in double figures.

Marc Gasol dropped 12 points and led the Lakers’ bench.

Kyle Kuzma dropped 11 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists.

Alex Caruso contributed 10 points, 3 rebounds, and an assist.

















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