Thurman Munson Wife Diana Dominick And Kids: Remembering MLB Legend

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Diana Dominick, the wife of late MLB Legend Thurman Munson, never remarried after his demise. To keep his memory alive, their children often look through photos of their late father.

Thurman Munson left this world at the prime age of 32, he died in a plane crash, leaving his wife with no husband and kids without a father.

Furthermore, Munson’s tragic death deeply affected his family and the world of sports, especially the Baseball community, who still fondly remember him.

The Late Great Thurman Munson
The Late Great Thurman Munson (Source: Google)

Thurman Lee Munson was born on June 7, 1947, in Akron, Ohio. He spent 11 seasons altogether playing in the MLB as a Catcher.

His amateur career in sports started at Lehman High School, where he also played two other games, basketball, and football. However, his forte became Baseball in his senior year, and later joined Kent State University on a scholarship.

Furthermore, Munson briefly played in the Cape Cod Baseball League and led Chatham Anglers to their first-ever league title. He is also a member of the Hall of Fame there.

The New York Yankees selected Munson in the 1968 Major League Baseball draft at pick no.4. He played in minor leagues for a short period before officially making his MLB debut in 1969 and won Rookie of the Year in 1970.

Moreover, the captain of the Yankees lived a fantastic career in Major League Baseball (MLB) with two championship wins, an MVP award, and seven All-Star appearances.

The amazing catcher also won three Golden Gloves Awards for his outstanding performance.

Thurman Munson’s Wife: Diana Dominick

The love story of Thurman and his wife, Diana Dominick, is one of the most tragic in the world of sports. 

The couple walked down the aisle in the year 1968 at Canton, but their romance brewed way ago. They were in love with each other since their childhood days.

Thurman Munson And His Wife Diana
Thurman Munson And His Wife Diana (Source: CantonRep)

Diana was so in love with the MLB legend that she would often address herself as “Mrs. Thurman Munson” when she was just 11 and in the sixth grade. 

Thurman’s tragic death completely shattered Diana’s world. She still gets emotional seeing his high school letters and remembering the love he had for his family.

Moreover, Diana always remained loyal to Munson and never remarried. After his demise, she appeared in public a few times in association with the Yankees. She receives all the honorary awards dedicated to Thurman and his legacy.

Furthermore, the similar death of Basketball star Kobe Bryant deeply affected Diana, and she stated it brought back her painful memories.

Thurman Munson Kids: Tracy, Kelly, and Michael

The late Yankees star Thurman Munson was a father to 3 children, 2 daughters, Tracy and Kelly, and a son, Michael. 

When Thurman passed away, his kids were very young, only mere ages 4, 7, and 9. Yet, they have clear memories of their father and his every single habit.

Thurman Munson With His Kids
Thurman Munson With His Kids (Source: Instagram)

His daughter, Tracy Munson, works for the City of North Carolina and remembers her father and his dedication to his fans. She shared how he used to take out time to sign jerseys and interact.

Likewise, Kelly Munson remembers going to the games and getting goosebumps every time her dad’s name was announced. She also disclosed that she has a memory of playing with her father in the backyard.

Furthermore, Michael, the youngest son, followed in his father’s footsteps and played for a few years. He currently runs a pub with his legendary dad’s images posted on its walls.

The kids collectively are very thankful to their mother for holding the family strong.

Wonderful Legacy of Thurman Munson

The MLB legend Thurman, who died at an early age, left behind a striking legacy in the world of sports.

His dedication toward his family was exemplary. The sole reason he bought a Cessna Citation I/SP jet with a Yankee blue interior was to fly home and spend quality time with his family in Canton on off days.

Munson's Wife Diana Unveils The Plaque Inaugurated By Yankees
Munson’s Wife Diana Unveils The Plaque Inaugurated By Yankees (Source: Google)

The New York Yankees paid tribute to Munson by retiring his No. 15 jersey and dedicating a special plaque for him in Monument Park.

Diana, his wife, is grateful to witness that his legacy still continues.


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