Tony Kanaan And Wife Lauren Bohlander Have Four Kids

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Tony Kanaan’s wife, Lauren Bohlander, was previously a sideline reporter for Fox Sports and NBC. Their first meeting on race tracks led them to become a happy family of five. 

Before meeting the Brazilian driver, Lauren Bohalnder was already a notable name in the hosting scene. The two met in 2011, tied the knot in 2013, and have become parents to three kids. 

The veteran driver was previously married before meeting Lauren. He even shares a son, Leo, from his first marriage with Daniele-Muniz-Loiola. 

From L To R: Leo, Deco, Max, Tony And Lauren With Their Daughter Nina Pictured At Indianapolis Motor Speedway In 2020
From L To R: Leo, Deco, Max, Tony, And Lauren With Their Daughter Nina Pictured At Indianapolis Motor Speedway In 2020 (Source: Instagram)

The IndyCar champion, Tony Kanaan, has talked about retirement for the past three years. He dropped the first hint in 2020 but has continued to race in Indy Car Series. 

In the Indy 500 final practice session, Tony Kanaan ended with the fastest timing, whereas fellow competitor Josef Newgarden fell way behind. On Sunday, the 48-year-old will eye his second Indy 500 win this year.

Tony Kanaan Wife, Lauren Bohlander

Tony Kanaan’s wife, Lauren Bohlander, is a graduate of DePauw University. DePauw is also the place where Lauren began her journey on television stations. 

Born on November 1, 1990, the second wife of Tony Kanaan, Lauren Bohlander, has previously worked with FOX Sports, NBC, and Big Ten. 

One of her first prominent works came in 2008 as a sideline reporter for NCAA Men’s and Women’s College Basketball. Later that year, Lauren moved to work in the NASCAR scene.

Lauren Pictured Interviewing Tony Prior To Them Getting Together
Lauren Pictured Interviewing Tony Before Them Getting Together (Source: Instagram)

She hosted the show Up To Speed and worked as a trackside talent for Verizon IndyCar Series. In 2011, Lauren joined Piranha Productions and worked in Verizon IndyCar Series. It is also rumored that 2011 was the year Lauren first met Tony. 

In 2012, Lauren worked for NBC as a pit reporter for Lucas Oil Pro Motorcross Championship. And a year, the brunette found herself at Fox Sports covering Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report. 

One of Lauren’s most notable works came in 2014 with Garage Squad. She was the co-host of the show that ran for nine episodes. Lauren has also previously starred in a few films and documentaries in minor roles.  

Tony Kanaan And Wife, Lauren Bohlander, Share Three Kids 

After a few years of dating, Tony and Lauren tied the knot on March 8, 2013. The couple has since welcomed three bundles of joy into the world. 

Before marrying Lauren, Tony Kanaan was married to a woman named name Daniele-Muniz-Loiola. The racer shares a son named Leo with Danielle. 

Leo Kanaan Is The First Child Of Tony 

Born on September 18, 2007, Leo Kanaan is the first child of Tony and his first wife, Daniele.

The oldest son of Tony Kanaan is time and again seen on the racer’s Instagram handle and that of Lauren. Despite starting a new family with Lauren, Tony has made his son feel included as a part of his new family.

Tony Shared A Picture With His Son Leo On The Occasion Of His 14th Birthday In 2021
Tony Shared A Picture With His Son Leo On The Occasion Of His 14th Birthday In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

Last year, the driver shared a throwback photo of Leo and him attending the Indianapolis Motor Speedway award ceremony. The father-son duo each won an award, with Leo getting his baby BorgWarner trophy.

In an Instagram post, Tony also shared that his son might be looking forward to becoming a racing driver like him. With a picture of Leo and his friend, Tony captioned the post writing he was happy with the progress Leo was making in his kart racing. 

Deco Is The First Son Of Tony And Lauren 

Born on January 10, 2015, Lauren gave birth to her and Tony’s first child, Deco Kanaan. 

On his 7th birthday last year, Tony shared a short story related to Deco’s birth. The Brazillian was preparing to race in Daytona but suddenly received the news that Lauren had gone into labor.

Tony Shares A Selfie With His Son Deco On His Birthday In 2021
Tony Shares A Selfie With His Son Deco On His Birthday In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

The driver then rushed to the hospital and arrived in time to meet his son. He then dashed back to compete and ended up winning the competition. 

With his little brother, Deco has shown interest in soccer and has won awards in a few competitions. 

Max Is The Middle Child Of Tony And Lauren

Born on October 27, 2016, Max is the middle child of Tony and Lauren. With his brother, Deco, Max participates in soccer competitions, and Lauren even shared a few photos of the two brothers holding their awards on one occasion. 

Lauren Kanaan Pictured With Her Son Max In 2021
Lauren Kanaan Pictured With Her Son Max In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

Max also shares a tight bond with his oldest brother, Leo. The three brothers were once clicked by Tony enjoying having fun in Leo’s gaming stream. 

Nina Is The Only Daughter Of Tony Kanaan 

Born on August 31, 2018, Nina Kanaan is the only daughter of the Brazilian racer and his wife, Lauren. 

Tony And Lauren Pictured With Their Daughter Nina In 2021
Tony And Lauren Pictured With Their Daughter Nina In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

The apple of the eye of the Kanaan family, there’s no doubt Nina is Daddy’s dearest. In 2019, Tony shared a photo of Nina walking for the first time. 

The little princess has since been seen attending racing events with her brothers and her mom, Lauren rooting for her dad. 

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