Trae Young to have MRI after ankle injury in Game 3

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Trae Young is already putting his name on the record books and the performance he is putting up against big names is gaining praises from all around the NBA.

He is putting up crazy performances all throughout this playoffs. But now he added an unfortunate and strange injury under his belt.

Young left the court in the final seconds of the third quarter after stepping on the referee’s foot and tweaking his ankle.

Young delivered a brilliant performance before the injury. He scored 14 points in the first quarter.

And scored 30 points before the injury. 

Hence, Young now recorded eight 30 point games this postseason, tying Lebron James for the second-most by a player 22 years old or younger in a single postseason.

But after injury, despite returning he couldn’t impact the game and the Hawks lost to the Bucks 113-102.

His injury still a concern for the Hawks.

According to the report, the Hawks star will have an MRI scan tomorrow morning.

Young finished Game 3, scoring 35 points and 4 assists, and led the Hawks playing 39 minutes. 

Trae Young strange injury.

In the final minute of the third quarter, Young suffered an injury not because of the opponent player but from the referee.

When Young tried to pass the ball, Jrue Holiday deflected the ball. And as Young turned to run back on the court, he apparently stepped onto the referee’s foot.

As a result, He sprained his ankle and stayed down while play went on.

He then headed to the locker with about 29 seconds remaining in the game.

Malika Andrews tweeted,” Trae Young is back in the locker room. It looked like he stepped on a referee’s foot and tweaked his ankle.”

The Hawks needed Young more than anything right now as they need to win games as much as possible.

What could have been a bad situation for the Hawks did not turn into serious as the Hawks star returned to the bench early in the fourth quarter.

Trae Young returned in the fourth quarter

He went to the locker room with the Hawks’ medical staff and after check-up, he was diagnosed with an ankle sprain but given the all-clear to return to the game.

Soon he returned to the bench. 

Subsequently, he returned back into the game with 8:44 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Nate McMillan said,” Trae Young’s ankle was sore, after suffering that sprain late in the third quarter. Young did end up going back in the game but came out with about a minute left.”

According to a CBS report, Despite being cleared, the injury still needs to be monitor over the next 48 hours.

So, the chances of him playing in Game 4 on Tuesday is still unsure.

With only one day off before the next game, his injury still a concern for the Hawks and the fans.

More so because of the loss in Game 3 to the Bucks.

Young importance for the Hawks.

The Hawks are surprising the NBA this postseason, and are now one of the favorites to win this season’s NBA final.

And all this became possible because of their key player Trae Young, who is putting up crazy performances all throughout the playoffs.

He is setting up, breaking up records after records in each of the games.

His scoring ability and playmaking ability are helping the Hawks in achieving all these successes.

They became the team to defeat the No.1 Philadelphia 76ers, one of the top contenders for the NBA finals.

And now are competing No.3 former MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks.

They are putting up a great fight against the Bucks and for sure will not give an easy win to them.

And Heading into Game 3 of the ECF, Young either scored or assisted on 50.5 percent of the Hawks’ made field goals. 

He had a career-high 48 points in Game 1 and that helped the Hawks get their first conference finals’ win.

Since they moved to Atlanta way back in 1968.

His performance is a driving force for the Hawks to win the Eastern Conference Finals.

Danilo Gallinari on Trae Young: “He’s our best player so playing without him is tough.”

The latest report on Young’s injury.

According to Bleacher report, “Trae Young will have an MRI on his ankle tomorrow morning. His plan is to play Game 4 vs. Bucks.”

“It’s sore right now,” Trae Young, on the ankle he sprained in the second half of Game 3. “It’s hurting,” he added.

He added, “It’s frustrating. I’m going to get as much treatment as I can. That’s the plan.”

Trae Young injured his ankle
Trae Young injured his ankle (source: Twitter)

Trae Young got some treatment and he’ll get more treatment tomorrow too. He really wants to play and win the championship.

His presence alone has a great impact on the Hawks game and any serious injury to him will be a huge disadvantage going forward.

So, it’ll be interesting to see how Young and the Hawks fight back in Game 4 on Tuesday.

The fans are praying for his recovery and his return for the next game.

Will the Hawks make a comeback or the Bucks take another win in Game 4?


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