Ty Mckenzie Wife Amy McKenzie Are High School Sweethearts

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Former American professional football player turned coach Ty McKenzie is married to his wife, Amy. They currently have five kids together.

Born to his parents, Rupert and Ruth, in Queens, Ty’s family relocated to Florida, where he attended high school. It was there where he first met the love of his life, who would later be his wife.

Even though Ty’s life was a mess then, Amy did not leave his side. Now that everything is fine, Ty believes it would not have been possible without his wife’s presence in his life.

Former American Professional Football Player Tyrone Ty McKenzie
Former American Professional Football Player Tyrone “Ty” McKenzie (Source: Iowa State University Athletics)

Tyrone McKenzie, popularly known as Ty McKenzie, is a former NFL linebacker and football coach. He last served as the outside linebackers coach for the NFL team, Miami Dolphins.

Ty started his professional football career in 2009 after the New England Patriots chose him in the third round of the NFL draft. In his short NFL career spanning just around five years, he played for three teams in the league.

Following his retirement, McKenzie started his coaching career, joining the Los Angeles Rams as their assistant special teams coach in 2017. However, he is not associated with any NFL club at the moment.

Ty McKenzie’s Wife, Amy McKenzie, And Kids

The former NFL linebacker, Tyrone McKenzie, has been married to his wife, Amy McKenzie, for more than a decade. Although their marriage date is undisclosed, the two have been together since they were teens.

Originally from New York, Ty spent most of his early years in Florida, where he attended Riverview High School. Amy was a student of the same institute, and the two had their first meeting there.

Ty McKenzie's Oldest Son Ty McKenzie II
Ty McKenzie’s Oldest Son, Ty McKenzie II (Source: The Tennessean)

Since then, the duo has been inseparable. Even though Ty had to move to various places during college, Amy always remained in touch with him. She stayed by his side despite his recurring family problems and tried her best to keep him going.

Fortunately, with Amy and his family’s support, Ty made it to the NFL, and his life improved.

Ty and Amy are now the parents of five children: Ty, Taylor, Teagan, Tatum, and Tate.

Their oldest son, Ty, plays baseball. He recently participated in the 2023 Little League World Series for the Nollensville Little League Team. 

More On Ty McKenzie’s Early Life And Family

Ty McKenzie was born to his parents, Ruth and Rupert McKenzie, on December 11, 1985, in New York, United States. 

His dad, Rupert, was originally from Jamaica. He owned a small bakery in Tampa, Florida. Similarly, Ty’s mom, Ruth, had shifted to the United States from Nottingham, England.

Ty McKenzie
Ty McKenzie (Source: BuffZone)

Aside from Ty, his parents gave birth to three other children: Tonya, Regina, and Kaitlyn.

Sadly, his dad passed away from colon cancer when Ty was just nine years old. After that, his mom, Ruth, looked after her kids as a single mother.

Despite difficulties, his mom, Ruth, made sure that her children attended high school, so they went to Riverview High School. At the same time, Ty worked part-time at a local inn to support his family financially.

Although Ty faced numerous difficulties later while attending college, dropping out now and then, he eventually earned his undergraduate degree in Business from South Florida University.

Moreover, because of his family’s constant support, he also fulfilled his dream of playing in the NFL.

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