Will Tyler Bass Be Fired? Missed FG Leads To Death Threats

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There are speculations if the Buffalo Bills placekicker Tyler Bass will be fired following his crucial missed field goal in the NFL playoffs 2024.

The journey of an NFL kicker is full of highs and lows. You either become a hero by making the winning kick or the villain by missing a season-ending field goal.

Tyler Bass got the wrong end of the bargain in the recently concluded divisional round match against the 49ers.

Buffalo Bills Kicker Tyler Bass
Buffalo Bills Kicker Tyler Bass (Source: Buffalo Rumblings)

Tyler Bass, an NFL placekicker, has been associated with the Buffalo Bills franchise after they drafted him in 2020.

Key performances at Georgia South University earned him an NFL contract at one of the most prominent organizations.

However, his lowest career moment came in the 2024 NFL playoffs against the San Francisco 49ers.

Will Tyler Bass Be Fired?

In the 2024 NFL divisional round playoff match between the Bills and the 49ers, Tyler Bass missed a 44-yard game-tying field goal in the dying seconds.

Subsequently, this led to the Bills’ exit from the playoffs and the end of their Super Bowl hopes.

This led to heavy criticism of the kicker among the Bills fans, experts, and the media.

Playoff football ignites passion among the fans, some of whom perhaps take it over the limit.

Consequently, some rabid fans made harassing comments, with a few even making death threats on his social media.

While constructive criticism should always be there, making things personal over a sporting incident is uncalled for.

Following this, Tyler has deleted his Instagram. On the football front, the miss has led to conjecture that the Bills might fire him.

Tyler Bass Post Match After His Missed FG
Tyler Bass Post-Match After His Missed FG (Source: Sports Illustrated)

With poor performances in the playoffs, many Bills fans are calling for the franchise to cut ties with the kicker.

However, that seems highly unlikely. On the one hand, Bass had a great regular season showing, making some key field goals.

And on the other hand, his contractual situation makes his release a highly improbable prospect.

Bass has signed a four-year contract extension, binding him until the 2027 season. And with a substantial $7,380,000 dead cap in the event of his release, parting ways with the kicker poses a considerable financial challenge.

Nevertheless, he seems to have the full backing of the Bills higher-ups and star QB Josh Allen

This is evident from the messages of encouragement and support he has received after his crucial miss.

Support From His QB And Fans

In the post-game press conference, star QB Josh Allen encouraged the team and fans to support Bass.

Furthermore, he would add the importance of team responsibility in football rather than pointing blame at an individual.

QB Josh Allen Came In Support Of Tyler Bass After The Missed FG
QB Josh Allen Came In Support Of Tyler Bass After The Missed FG (Source: Fox News)

“I wish it wouldn’t have been put in that situation. You win as a team and lose as a team. One play doesn’t define a game, and it doesn’t define a season. We got to be there for him because, we execute a couple of plays prior, probably singing a different tune right now.”

On the other hand, some Bills fans are also showing their support for Tyler. Local fans rallied behind the kicker by donating to a Buffalo-area cat adoption shelter.

On Monday, contributions spiked, with individuals giving $22 with reference to his jersey number 2.

Tyler is a known animal lover and a cat dad and donates to causes supporting animal care and shelter.

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