Tyler Bass Net Worth In 2024: Salary And Career Earnings

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After signing a hefty contract with the Bills, Tyler Bass net worth in 2024 is expected to be in the millions.

From the beginning of his football journey, he has demonstrated a remarkable trajectory akin to a rolling stone, steadily augmenting his yearly income.

Tyler Bass Showing Off His Kick In On Of His Games
Tyler Bass Showing Off His Kick In One of His Games (Source: AtoZSports)

Tyler Bass was born on February 14, 1997, and is a placekicker for the Buffalo Bills in the NFL.

The Buffalo Bills selected him in the sixth round, 188th overall, of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Bass attended Dutch Fork High School in Irmo, South Carolina, where he played football and soccer.

He credits his grandma with persuading him to consider trying out for the football squad because of his powerful soccer leg.

Bass signed with Georgia Southern on January 31, 2015. After his senior year, they gave him the Chris Sailer Award, which is given to the finest high school football kicker.

His college team had redshirted Bass during his freshman year. However, he experienced significant progress during his junior season.

Tyler Bass Net Worth In 2024

Bass’ net worth for 2024 is estimated to be around $5 million after considering his new contract and salary. 

Per the data of Spotrac, Tyler Bass signed a four-year, $20,400,000 deal with the Buffalo Bills.

Additionally, it comes with a $5,100,000 signup bonus and a $9,410,000 guarantee.

The average annual wage is $5,100,000. Prevoiusly, Bass earned a basic salary of $1,010,000.

This included a bonus for the signing of $1,066,056 and a total cap hit of $2,076,056.

The dead cap value for that particular year was $6,110,000, with a yearly cash payment of $6,110,000.

In 2024, at 27, Bass’ base pay exploded to $2,800,000. They have also added a bonus for the signing of $1,020,000 and a roster incentive of $500,000.

It also includes a workout incentive of $100,000. The total cap hit for 2024 was $4,420,000, with a dead cap value of $7,380,000.

We Can Also Add Tyler Bass Kick As An Asset To His Net Worth
We Can Also Add Tyler Bass Kick As An Asset To His Net Worth (Source: NYPost)

Tyler Bass has earned an estimated $8,705,800 throughout his career. His NFL career began in 2020, receiving $920,800. Then, in 2021, he will earn $780,000.

In 2022, his earnings increased to $895,000, but most of his income came in 2023.

During that year, he managed to bag a total of $6,110,000, including a substantial signing bonus of $5,100,000.

Bass’ Missed Kick: Knife To The Heart

Tyler Bass’ missed 44-yard field goal attempt wide right in the final seconds of the Divisional Round against the Kansas City Chiefs.

This miss in the NFL playoffs significantly impacted the Buffalo Bills’ playoff aspirations.

The botched kick ended their chances of drawing the game, ending in a 27-24 loss.

Fans describe the miss as similar to Scott Norwood’s famous wide right kick in Super Bowl XXV, which disappointed them.

Tyler Bass Looks Dissapointed After Bills' Loss
Tyler Bass Disappointed After Bills’ Loss (Source: SportsIllustrated)

Despite a strong showing from quarterback Josh Allen, the Bills could not defeat the Chiefs.

This is their third consecutive loss in the Divisional Round and third postseason elimination in four seasons.

While Bass accepted responsibility for the miss, some think the Bills’ offensive play and other errors, like a failed fake punt attempt, contributed to their playoff elimination.

Despite the uproar surrounding Bass’s miss, pundits have generally attributed the Bills’ loss to several factors.

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