Udonis Haslem Kids: Meet Son Kedonis, Josiah And Elijah

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Udonis Haslem, along with his wife, is raising their three kids – Kedonis, Josiah, and Elijah – in Southwest Ranches, Florida.

Haslem recently landed the position of Miami’s Vice President of Basketball Development.

With this new achievement, fans are becoming increasingly interested in his personal life, particularly about his children.

Udonis Haslem, Recently Appointed As VP of Basketball Development.
Udonis Haslem, Recently Appointed As VP of Basketball Development (Source: Instagram)

Udonis Haslem is a famous American former basketball player who played 20 seasons with the Miami Heat in the NBA.

He was born in Miami, won state titles in high school, and went undrafted in 2002.

Despite his height, he signed with the Miami Heat and helped them reach the Eastern Conference Semifinal as a rookie.

At 42 years old, he became the oldest player to participate in the NBA Finals.

Following his retirement, Haslem wasted no time transitioning into a new role. He was appointed as the new Vice President of Basketball Development for the Miami Heat.

Haslem now serves as the Vice President of Basketball Development for the Miami Heat.

Udonis Haslem Kids

Udonis Haslem is a family man, and he has three children – Kedonis, Josiah, and Elijah – with his wife Faith.

Kedonis, the oldest, was born to Udonis’s high school girlfriend, Keke James, on December 23, 1998, when Udonis was just 18 years old.

On the other hand, Josiah and Elijah were born to Udonis and Faith. Josiah was born in January 2007, and Elijah in February 2011.

Udonis’s younger sons share a passion for sports and are making a name for themselves in their respective fields.

Kedonis Is A Collegiate Football Player 

Udonis has three sons, each with a unique passion for sports. The eldest son of Udonis, Kedonis is a collegiate football player at the University of the Cumberlands Athletics.

Like Udonis, his son has chosen the path of sports but in a different way. He is carving his own path in the sports world, following his passion for football.

After graduating from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in 2017, he initially attended the University of Toledo.

Following his junior year there, he chose to transfer to the University of North Alabama before ultimately finding his place at the University of the Cumberlands. 

Udonis Haslem Kids
Udonis Haslem Kids (Source: Instagram)

Josiah, Udonis’s second son, has also carved his own path in baseball as a 16-year-old player.

Though two of Udonis’s sons have chosen their own paths, his youngest son, who is only twelve years old, is following a basketball path.

Elijah, the youngest, has already started making his mark in the world of basketball, following in his father’s footsteps

All of Udonis’s sons have been influenced by him, but each has chosen a unique path in sports.

Udonis Is Married To His College Lover

Udonis is married to his college lover, with whom he met him in college. Faith Rein-Haslem, a sports broadcaster and podcaster.

Faith was born in Virginia in 1981 to Gloria and Richard Rein, with her mother being a black Baptist and her father being Jewish.

Udonis Haslem With His Wife Faith
Udonis Haslem With His Wife Faith (Source: Instagram)

Growing up in the suburbs, her upbringing stood in contrast to Udonis’s experiences in Miami as a “ghetto kid.”

Faith herself had a successful athletic career, excelling in track and field and even securing a 100m national championship in her age division at the age of 10.

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