UNC Hockey Chaz Legere Death And Obituary: What Was His Death Cause?

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Chaz Legere death has shocked his close family and friends. Legere, the former UNC hockey player, passed away on December 16 in his home at age 27.

It was only on December 20 that people other than his close family members came to know about his demise from the Facebook post shared by UNC Bear Hockey. Most, if not all, who came in contact with Chaz have nothing but good to say about him. 

Chaz Legere Played College Hockey For Four Years Before Venturing Into The Corporate World
Chaz Legere Played College Hockey For Four Years Before Venturing Into The Corporate World (Source: Instagram)

Chaz’s hockey career never took a professional turn, and the forward ended his sporting career right after graduating in 2019. Before his demise, Chaz was working in the sales department and had previously worked at Modern Woodmen of America.

It was Chaz’s older brother, Max, who gave details about his brother’s demise on his Instagram page. Our prayers are with the Legere family during this difficult time.

UNC Hockey Chaz Legere Death And Obituary

The former UNC hockey player Chaz Legere has passed away at the young age of 27. Native to Superior, Colorado, Chaz played four years of collegiate hockey at UNC.

Chaz’s death was announced on UNC Bears Hockey’s Facebook page. The page wrote, “The UNC Hockey family is mourning the loss of former player Chaz Legere, who unexpectedly passed away on Saturday.”

Chaz Pictured During His Playing Years At The University of Northern Colorado
Chaz Pictured During His Playing Years At The University of Northern Colorado (Source: Instagram)

They also gave their condolences to the Legere Family in their Facebook post. One of the close friends of the Legere family, Brad Pershing, also wrote a lengthy Facebook post to mourn the loss of the former hockey player.

Pershing wrote Chaz positively impacted everyone he met and could make anyone in the room laugh. Friends called Chaz by the nickname “Cheese,” and Pershing mentioned it in his Facebook post.

He penned, “The Cheese that we will forever miss.” Brad ended the post by paying his homage to the lost soul and asked him to keep everyone safe. 

Chaz Legere Death Cause

Chaz’s brother, Max, isn’t very active on Facebook, and his last post came three years ago. But on his Instagram page, Max has confirmed his brother’s demise and also stated the cause. 

He shared a gallery of images of him and Chaz with their family members and wrote that Chaz passed away at 2 AM on December 16. Max gave details on how he found his brother’s body in the caption of the Instagram post.

Chaz Pictured With His Brother, Max (R) And Their Father Earlier This Year In January
Chaz Pictured With His Brother, Max (R) And Their Father Earlier This Year In January (Source: Instagram)

Max found his brother lying down unresponsive and gave him CPR for ten minutes. He then waited another 30 minutes for the EMT to bring his brother back to life, but they were unsuccessful. 

Max said he was hanging out with his brother 20 minutes before his demise, and they were having a great time. He wrote about Chaz’s impact on everyone and that he would greatly miss his younger brother.

Seeing someone younger than you pass away, and that too your brother, is a horrifying feeling. Max said it was unfair that his younger brother lost his life so early and that it made no sense. 

Life After Hockey For Chaz

During his four years at UNC, Chaz played 48 games. He was a forward and scored his only goal during his first year. So, it was clear that Legere wasn’t interested in playing hockey professionally. 

After graduating from UNC in 2019 with a communication degree, Chaz joined Modern Woodmen of America as their financial representative. He worked there for a year before joining Power Home Remodeling.

At Power House Remodeling, Chaz worked in the sales department. Looking at his LinkedIn account, Chaz might have been planning to search for a new job as he was using the header “Open To Work.”

On his Instagram page, Chaz has shared a few posts, which mainly include his family members. Chaz’s last post was earlier this year in January, attending a sports game with his brother and father. 

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