USM Dustin Dickerson Sister Ashley’s Nude Photos Went Viral

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Even though USM Dustin Dickerson’s sister Ashley Marie Dickerson received a serious blow in her career after her nudes were leaked, she showed resilience and bounced back stronger than ever.

Dustin Dickerson is one of the emerging baseball players from the United States. He is currently representing the University of Southern Mississippi (USM). 

He completed his schooling at West Jones High School. After this, he moved up to the golden years of his baseball career, so far. 

Dickerson is representing his home state in the sport, as his place of birth is Laurel, Mississipi. 

Despite being in the early stages of his collegiate career, the USM star has already captured significant attention and garnered widespread admiration.

Dustin Dickerson In the Field
Dustin Dickerson In the Field (Source: Instagram)

It would come as no surprise if he is soon approached by major teams to join them upon the completion of his college. 

The player is currently in his junior year at USM. He is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in sports studies, majoring in Liberal studies. 

Dickerson is currently the talk of the town as he hit two solo home runs on Saturday’s game against the Tigers.

Dustin Dickerson Sister Ashley’s Nude Photos Went Viral

It’s not just Dustin who is making waves in the Dickerson family. His elder sister Ashley Marie Dickerson had to face a lot of backlashes back in 2022 when her nudes started circulating around the internet without her consent. 

Ashley would describe herself as a country girl from Mississippi. But now she says she has now grown to the dazzling colorful lights of the city.

She graduated from university with a degree in Marketing. Currently, she is a full-time model and content creator.

Dustin Dickerson With His Sister Ashley
Dustin Dickerson With His Sister Ashley (Source: Instagram)

On top of that, she also calls herself a cat mom, a huge movie buff, and, as surprising as it may sound, “a little bit of a foodie.”

2022 was a really rough year for her as there were allegedly her nudes being thrown around on the internet.

It is said that that model has no problem in nude photoshoots and had done plenty of time before the incident. 

But the pictures that were being circulated at the time were posted without the consent of Ashley, which is a serious problem. 

Despite the incident, she showed resilience and came back even stronger. A lot of young ladies look up to her for inspiration.

She has an Instagram following of about 380k.

Parents, Bobby, and Christine Dickerson

Dustin’s upbringing was shaped by his father, Bobby Dickerson, a former baseball player, and his mother, Christine Dickerson.

Bobby’s own career as a baseball player has had a profound impact on Dustin, serving as a constant source of inspiration that has helped mold him into the remarkable individual he is today.

Having played collegiate baseball at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana, Bobby’s journey continued in Minor League Baseball, where he showcased his skills as a player for the Yankees and Orioles from 1987 to 1993.

Presently, Bobby serves as infield coach for the Philadelphia Phillies in Major League Baseball. Notably, he was an integral part of the coaching staff that propelled the team to the World Series in 2022.

Dustin Dickerson With His Father And Mother
Dustin Dickerson With His Father And Mother (Source: Instagram)

Within the Phillies organization, Dickerson has cultivated strong relationships with his players, displaying an exceptional ability to discern their individual needs and provide tailored guidance, ultimately leading to improved outcomes.

The information about Christine remains limited. However, it is evident that both parents consistently offer support to their children in their respective pursuits.

Publicly, their son and daughter have openly expressed that their parents serve as their primary motivation and inspiration.

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