Vic Fangio Kids: Daughter Cassie & Christian- Is He Still Married?

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The alleged Godfather of modern-day NFL defense, Vic Fangio, shares a special bond with both of his kids, Cassie and Christian.

Fangio is making headlines as joins the Philadelphia Eagles just one day after parting ways with the Miami Dolphins.
While his professional life often garners attention, let’s delve into the details surrounding Vic Fangio’s children and his marital status.
Vic Fangio Last Served As The Defensive Coordinator For The Miami Dolphins
Vic Fangio Last Served As The Defensive Coordinator For The Miami Dolphins (Source: Facebook)
Vic Fangio, a coaching veteran with over three decades of NFL experience, is known for his strategic prowess.
Born on August 22, 1958, in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, Fangio boasts an illustrious career in American football.
Similarly, he admired football growing up and played the defensive position of safety at Dunmore High School.
Fangio served as a defensive coordinator and linebackers coach for many colleges and NFL teams throughout his career.
Eventually, the Pennsylvania native gained his first head coaching position with the Denver Broncos in 2019. 
However, he was released by the Broncos in January 2022 after a relatively unsuccessful coaching term with the team.
Lastly, he served as the  Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator following the role of consultant for the Eagles during the 2022 Super Bowl run.

Meet Vic Fangio Kids

Veteran defensive coach, Vic Fangio’s personal life, especially his relationship with his children, may intrigue many.
Fangio is a proud father to two children: Cassie and Christian, who have never known anything but the NFL.

Son Christian Fangio

Fangio’s son, Christian Fangio, was born in 1991 when he was midway through his stint as the Saints’ linebackers coach. 
Primarily, Christian followed his father’s footsteps into the professional realm, working as an inside linebacker at Marriottsville.
According to sources, the son of the Eagles’ new defensive coordinator managed to secure a position at Apple as a specialist.
Residing in Baltimore, Maryland, Christian has carved his own path while still cherishing his family’s football legacy.

Daughter Cassie Fangio

One aspect of Vic Fangio’s family that occasionally surfaces in the media is his daughter, Cassie Fangio.

Vic Fangio With Daughter Cassie
Vic Fangio With Daughter Cassie (Source: Denver Broncos)

Cassie Fangio, born in 1996, attended Marriotts Ridge High School until 2015. She graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.

Meanwhile, her achievements extend beyond academia. She is commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army through Loyola University of Maryland’s ROTC program.

Notably, the bond between Vic Fangio and his daughter Cassie is palpable. It is evident in Cassie’s admiration of football and her pride in her father’s accomplishments.

Marital Status: Is Vic Fangio Still Married?

Vic Fangio’s marital life has not been a smooth ride. Reports have that, he was previously married to Anne Patricia Doyle.

Born on March 4, 1957, Anne has maintained a low profile despite being associated with a high-profile coach.

Albeit, Vic Fangio welcomed his aforementioned two children into the world from his marriage to Anne.

Vic Fangio Has Left The Miami Dolphins To Join The Philadelphia Eagles
Vic Fangio Has Left The Miami Dolphins To Join The Philadelphia Eagles (Source: Facebook)
While the details of their separation remain undisclosed, sources suggest that Vic and Anne parted ways at some point.
The reasons behind their separation and subsequent divorce, like much of their personal life, remain veiled from the public eye.
In addition, Vic Fangio has found companionship with his longtime partner Kathy. Reports suggest that the couple currently resides in San Francisco. 
Despite Fangio’s public persona, Kathy has maintained a distance from media attention. It has allowed Fangio his privacy in his personal life.
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