Who Is Peggy Lewis, Marvin Lewis Wife? Raiders Coaching Staff

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Marvin Lewis’s wife, Peggy Lewis, has been a constant source of support for him through the ups and downs of his career.

When Marvin faced challenges, particularly the situation with the Bengals in 2018, Peggy stood by him, offering comfort and encouragement.

The couple decided to make a significant change by selling their house in Indian Hill, Ohio, where they had spent the entire 16-year coaching tenure with the Cincinnati Bengals.

They moved to Arizona to be closer to their daughter, and since the relocation, they have enjoyed spending more quality time with their grandchildren, Grayson and Camden.

Marvin Lewis Is officially Joining The Raiders Staff As A Senior Adviser And Assistant Head Coach To Antonio Pierce.
Marvin Lewis Is Officially Joining The Raiders Staff As A Senior Adviser And Assistant Head Coach To Antonio Pierce (Source: Pro Football Rumors)

Marvin Roland Lewis Jr., born on September 23, 1958, in McDonald, Pennsylvania, initiated his football journey at the age of 9.

Following his playing career, he transitioned into coaching as a graduate assistant at Idaho State.

On January 14, 2003, Lewis became the ninth head coach in Cincinnati Bengals history, holding the position for 16 seasons in the National Football League (NFL).

However, they parted away in 2018.

In recent news, Marvin Lewis is officially joining the Raiders staff as a senior adviser and assistant head coach to Antonio Pierce.

Who Is Peggy Lewis, Marvin Lewis Wife? 

Peggy Lewis, although details about her early life and professional career are not widely available, is known as a celebrity wife.

The couple, consisting of Marvin Lewis and Peggy, has been married for over thirty years and has two children, a daughter named Whitney and a son named Marcus.

Peggy, being a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, has played a crucial role in holding her family together.

Marvin Lewis With His Wife Peggy
Marvin Lewis With His Wife Peggy (Source: X)

While she maintains a private life and does not frequently appear in the public eye, her support for her husband has been unwavering.

In 2018, when Marvin faced criticism after signing a contract with the Bengals following two consecutive seasons without qualifying, Peggy stood by him.

The Lewis couple swiftly sold their house in Indian Hill, Ohio, where they had lived for all of Marvin’s 16-year coaching tenure.

Having another home waiting for them in the Phoenix area, where their daughter Whitney had settled after attending Arizona State, Peggy and Marvin have lived happily for four years.

Marvin Lewis’s Kids

Marvin Lewis, along with his wife, has two children named Whitney and Marcus, who have successfully settled down and started families of their own. 

Marvin’s son, Marcus Lewis, followed in his father’s footsteps by pursuing a career in football. He joined the coaching staff of the Cincinnati Bengals in 2014 as a defensive assistant and has remained part of the team ever since.

Marvin Lewis With His Wife And Grandchildren
Marvin Lewis With His Wife And Grandchildren Grayson and Camden (Source: The Athletic)

Prior to joining the Bengals, he worked as an assistant for the University of Cincinnati coaching staff in 2013.

Marvin’s daughter Whitney is a loving wife and mother of two children. She resides in Arizona State with her family.

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