Walt Garrison Wife: Debbie Garrison & Relationship Timeline

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After his sad passing, Walt Garrison wife, Debbie Garrison, remains shattered. We are praying for her strength in these troubled times.

Debbie and Walt met in a rodeo circuit while both of them were on business. He was promoting tobacco products while she was performing. 

Walt Garrison Surrounded By Towers Of Beer Boxes
Walt Garrison Surrounded By Towers Of Beer Boxes (Source: DallasNews)

Walter Benton Garrison, born July 23, 1944, was an American professional football player who played fullback for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League (NFL). 

Garrison was born in Denton, Texas, and attended neighboring Lewisville High School.

Garrison got a football scholarship from Oklahoma State University, intending to play linebacker.

He began school in the autumn of 1962 and played linebacker in the freshman team’s only two games that year.

These games were against Arkansas in Stillwater and Oklahoma in Norman. The Cowboys picked Garrison in the fifth round of the 1966 NFL Draft.

Throughout his nine-year career with the Cowboys, he had a tremendous impact, even winning a Super Bowl. 

Sadly, Garrison died on October 11, 2023, at the age of 79, leaving behind a legacy of his athletic prowess and tenacity to both football and the rodeo world.

Meet Walt Garrison Wife Debbie Garrison, Also A Rodeo Star

Well, Debbie is Walt Garrison’s second wife. The former NFL star had already married someone before her. 

Pamela Phillips was his first wife, and the pair tied the knot on June 30, 1967. However, the affair was short-lived, as they parted ways on  August 30, 1985.

But the hero of our story, Walt, was a hopeless romantic. He did not give up on love so easily and would continue to believe in it. 

So less than a year later, on August 23, 1986, Walt married his second wife, Debbie Garrison.

Walt Garrison Wife Debbie Garrisson Who Used To Rodeo
Walt Garrison’s Wife Debbie Garrison, Used To Rodeo (Source: Twitter)

Walt Garrison crossed paths with Debbie Garrison on the rodeo circuit, both actively competing during their respective seasons.

Their initial encounter happened during an ‘endorsement’ round, forging a connection between them.

Recalling their meeting, Debbie Garrison shared with the Oklahoman, “He was promoting tobacco products, and I also had promotions. We became acquainted when we’d run across each other at western store openings and such.”

In August 1986, Walt and Debbie embarked on their marital journey, enjoying a fruitful union that lasted nearly two decades before they parted ways in 2005.

More About The Life of Debbie Garrison 

Debbie was a rodeo queen who harbored a lifelong passion for the sport and transitioned into the professional circuit as an adult.

Debbie Garrison earned the title of Miss Rodeo America in 1979. She also became a Pro Women’s Rodeo Association member, consistently delivering impressive performances.

Speaking about rodeo queen competitions, she emphasized, “In rodeo queen contests, some people think it’s rigged. But when it comes to rodeoing, it’s a totally different deal. This is based only on your performance.”

Throughout their marriage, the couple established their residence in Argyle, Texas, ensuring proximity to the rodeo.

Debbie explained, “We have 23 acres, and we live above a horse barn. We built it that way so we could hear the horses if something went wrong. Our goal was to have a place of our own where we could live, have horses, and have an arena.”

Walt Garrison’s enduring and wholesome marriage to Debbie concluded in 2005, resulting in the birth of two children, with their son Marty emerging as the most prominent figure.

Remembering Walt, The Cowboys’ Superstar 

Walt Garrison, a rugged running back for the Dallas Cowboys in the 1960s and ’70s and a distinguished member of the ProRodeo Hall of Fame, passed away at the age of 79.

The Cowboys announced his passing on their official website on Thursday. The statement did not specify his demise’s time, place, or cause.

Garrison, not only a formidable ball carrier but also a de facto mascot for his team, was a true Texan, mirroring the iconic blue star that adorned the 50-yard line of the Cowboys’ stadium. 

Walt Garrison Was Featured In A Local Newspaper Toabacco Advertisement
Walt Garrison Was Featured In A Local Newspaper Tobacco Advertisement (Source: Twitter)

He was often seen with a wisp of tobacco resting between cheek and gum, a trademark feature in his long-standing Skoal smokeless tobacco ads.

Garrison spoke with an accent reminiscent of a twanging pedal-steel guitar. His cowboy hats seemed to stretch as wide as the Rio Grande.

He always carried a keen knife in his back pocket, ready for whittling sticks.

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