Walter Davis Net Worth Before Death: How Rich Was NBA Legend?

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The legendary basketball player Walter Davis passed away recently at his North Carolina home at 69. After his death, basketball fans are interested to know about Walter’s life, including his club contracts and net worth.

As per various sources, the late NBA forward/ guard had a net worth of around $5 million at his death.

Although he never revealed the details of his earnings himself publicly, there is no doubt that he earned millions. Read this article further to find out more on the subject.

Late American Professional Basketball Player Walter Davis
Late American Professional Basketball Player Walter Davis (Source: New York Post)

Walter Pearl Davis, famous as Walter Davis, was an American professional basketball player who played 15 seasons in the NBA with three teams starting in 1977.

He began his professional career after the Phoenix Suns drafted him as the fifth overall pick in the 1977 NBA draft.

Staying with the Suns for over a decade, Davis garnered several honors, including the NBA All-Star selection six times and All-NBA Second Team twice. Similarly, he won the NBA Rookie of the Year in 1978.

Furthermore, he associated himself with the Denver Nuggets and the Portland Trail Blazers in his later seasons, but he was the most successful while with the Suns. 

Walter Davis’s Net Worth Before Death

How Rich Was The NBA Legend?

The legendary NBA player Walter Davis had a net worth of around $5 million, as per various sources. Although there is no way to learn about his earnings, Davis was rich.

Walter was one of the best small forwards/ shooting guards active in the NBA in the eighties, and hence, he had a good salary.

The fact that he was the fifth overall pick in the 1977 NBA draft gave him a massive contract with the Suns, and he was one of their highest-paid athletes, even at the beginning of his NBA career.

Walter Davis Playing For The UNC Tar Heels
Walter Davis Playing For The UNC Tar Heels (Source: Tar Heel Tribune)

Over time, he became one of the most trusted scorers on the team, following which they signed three contracts in total with him until the end of the 1987-88 season. 

As per an October 1986 The New York Times article, Walter Davis demanded a five-year contract worth $5 million with the Suns, but they later settled to a two-year deal. However, they did not disclose the contract details.

Walter Davis: Early Life & Family

Walter Davis was born to his parents in their large household on September 9, 1954, in Pineville, North Carolina.

Besides him, his parents already had twelve children. Davis was the youngest child of his parents.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Walter attended South Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte, where he honed his basketball skills and became an exceptional player.

During his time there, his team won three state titles and lost only four games.

Walter Davis Died At The Age Of 69
Walter Davis Died At The Age Of 69 (Source: AZCentral)

After graduating, he joined the University of North Carolina at Tar Heels and played collegiate basketball under the head coach Dean Smith for four years.

While still in college, Walter earned a selection in the USA men’s basketball team for the 1976 Summer Olympics, where he won the gold medal.

Furthermore, speaking of his family, Walter was married to his wife, Cheryl, for over four decades until his demise on November 2, 2023. The pair had two kids- a son and a daughter.

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