Was Brock Lesnar Released From WWE? Update After Sexual Assault Scandal

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The speculations of Brock Lesnar being released by WWE have been floating around since Janel Grant hit Vince McMahon with the lawsuit. But the WWE has removed the wrestler from its creative plans for now.

Lesnar’s last appearance was in August in SummerSlam. He fought against Cody Rhodes, which he lost, and many fans anticipated Lesnar’s return to WWE in the Royal Rumble. 

Brock Lesnar Pictured With The WWE Belt In 2022
Brock Lesnar Pictured With The WWE Belt In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

But after Janel Grant filed the lawsuit against the WWE founder Vince McMahon, Lesnar has been seemingly removed from WWE’s plans. Lesnar’s name hasn’t been explicitly mentioned in the lawsuit, but terms WWE and UFC star have been used.

Many wrestling fans believe the mention of UFC hints towards the person being Brock Lesnar. The Wall Street Journal requested Lesnar’s comments, but he has ignored the request. 

Was Brock Lesnar Released From WWE?

Brock Lesnar hasn’t been released from WWE. But speculations about the WWE Superstar being removed from the company’s plans are flying around.

Lesnar has been part of the WWE since 2002 when he debuted in RAW. Since then, he has become a household name inside and outside of WWE. But due to the recent allegations against him, WWE could change their mind about Lesnar.

There is also a chance they could let these allegations die down and freeze Lesnar’s contract for now. In the WWE forum, a few fans have said that the organization could keep Lesnar out of the public eye for a while or until there is more evidence. 

The WWE Superstar Was Replaced By Bron Breakker In The Royal Rumble
The WWE Superstar Was Replaced By Bron Breakker In The Royal Rumble (Source: Instagram)

Another fan wrote that if WWE releases Lesnar, then there will be more eyes on them, which certainly wouldn’t be a wise decision from the business point of view. 

On January 28, one of WWE’s biggest events, Royal Rumble, took place, and Brock Lesnar was supposed to appear on it. But after the lawsuit surfaced, Lesnar was quietly removed from it. 

And instead of Lesnar, Bron Breakker made his Royal Rumble debut. This meant that Lesnar should have been dumped out of the Royal Rumble by Dominik Mysterio. 

Another plan that has been shelved for Lesnar is the Elimination Chamber. Lesnar was meant to fight Mysterio at Elimination Chamber next month, but plans have now been shelved. 

The former UFC Champion has also been quietly removed from the WWE SuperCard Video Game. 

What Are The Allegations Against Brock Lesnar?

In her lawsuit, Janel Grant hasn’t explicitly taken Lesnar’s name. Fans have speculated that Brock fits the bill for the “UFC Heavyweight Champion” mentioned in the lawsuit.

According to Khadeeja Safdar of the Wall Street Journal, people familiar with the matter identified the wrestler mentioned in the lawsuit as Brock Lesnar. 

The lawsuit alleges that McMahon began to recruit the WWE Superstar for a sexual encounter with Janel in 2021. It is also stated that McMahon shared explicit photos of Janel with the WWE Superstar and that he had communicated to McMahon that he liked what he saw.

Brock Lesnar Is Believed To Be The UFC Star Mentioned In The Lawsuit
Brock Lesnar Is Believed To Be The UFC Star Mentioned In The Lawsuit (Source: Instagram)

In December 2021, McMahon gave Grant’s personal cell phone number to the WWE Superstar and promised him that Grant would do anything requested by him.

The lawsuit said in the coming days, the WWE Superstar revealed a fetish of his to Grant. The WWE Superstar asked Grant to send a video of her urinating, which she did.

That same month, the WWE Superstar expressed his desire to “set a play date” and have a sexual encounter. But a snowstorm changed WWE Superstar’s plans. 

The last interaction between the WWE Superstar and Janel Grant in the lawsuit has been mentioned to be on March 27, 2022. 

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