Webb Simpson Wife Taylor Dowd Is A Proud Mom Of Five

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In January 2010, Webb Simpson married his wife, Taylor. Webb affectionately calls her Dowd. Together, they have been blessed with five children.

As it is said, “Behind every successful man, there’s a woman.” In the same way, behind Webb Simpson’s success, there is his wife, Taylor.

Webb Simpson has been married to Taylor Dowd Keith for over 13 years. The couple has five children, and their family couldn’t be happier. 

Taylor is a well-known actress who gained recognition for her roles in “Monster’s Ball” (2001) as Lucille and “The Hawk is Dying” as Gray Bony Lady. However, she has taken a break from acting recently.

Professional Golf Player Webb Simpson
Professional Golf Player Webb Simpson (Source: Golf Digest)

James Frederick Webb Simpson, also known as Webb Simpson, is a professional golfer from the United States. He has had some significant achievements in his career.

In 2012, he won the U.S. Open, a major golf tournament. Then in 2018, he won another vital tournament called the Players Championship.

Before he turned professional, Simpson played golf as an amateur and represented the United States in two winning teams: the 2007 Walker Cup and the 2007 Palmer Cup.

He also played for Wake Forest University’s golf team and received a scholarship named after the famous golfer Arnold Palmer.

Webb Simpson Wife

Taylor was born in Charlotte, West Carolina, on October 30, 1984. She is the oldest child of her parents, Gerg Keith and India Early Keith. Taylor has four other siblings.

Taylor, an actor by profession, decided to prioritize her role as a wife and mother, temporarily stepping away from her career. She wanted to devote her time and be fully present for her husband, Webb Simpson, and their children.

Webb Simpson With His Wife Taylor Dowd
Webb Simpson With His Wife Taylor (Source: Instagram)

Before this break, Taylor studied Communication and Theater at Wake Forest University. She actively participated in numerous plays there.

During college, she had a fateful encounter with Webb Simpson. They met through a mutual friend, and their love story began to unfold.

While pursuing her acting aspirations, Taylor showcased her talent in various plays, including notable performances like “Romeo and Juliet.” Her acting journey took her to Los Angeles and Atlanta, where she continued to pursue her passion for acting.

Taylor Is A Proud Mom Of Five

Webb and Taylor tied the knot 5 months after they got engaged. 

The couple have been blessed with five children. In 2011, the couple gave birth to their first child, James. Then, they gave birth to their first daughter, Willow. The family continued growing with Augusta, their second daughter’s arrival. 

In May 2016, Mercy, their third daughter, was born. Lastly, their youngest daughter joined the family in 2018, completing their beautiful and growing household.

Webb Simpson And His Wife With Their Five Children
Webb Simpson And His Wife With Their Five Children (Source: Instagram)

Taylor is a loving and committed mom who cares for her five children. She left her acting job to be there for her kids full-time as a stay-at-home mom.

Taylor doesn’t have a social media account, but she often appears in pictures and videos on her husband’s Instagram. We can see her spending quality time with her children, which shows how much she loves and cares for them.

As a stay-at-home mom, Taylor ensures that her children receive attention and care.

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