What Happened to Terrell Suggs Teeth? Gums Issue Or Used Braces

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Terrell Suggs’ teeth became the talk of the town, igniting a buzz of curiosity as his career took off.

Throughout his football career, Terrell Suggs had to field numerous questions about his teeth.

Born in October, his small baby teeth looked like tiny sentries in the spectrum of his gum.

Terrell Suggs Defensive Player Of The Month
Terrell Suggs Defensive Player Of The Month (Source: Baltimore Beatdown)

Terrell Raymon Suggs was born on October 11, 1982, to parents, Laverne Dian (née Kennedy) and Donald Lee Suggs in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Growing up in St. Paul, Suggs played center in youth football. He moved frequently due to his father’s job.

Suggs then enrolled at Hamilton High School, where he continued playing and earned the Parade High School All-American title in 2000.

Moreover, Terrell played as a defensive end at Arizona State University from 2000 to 2002.

Suggs, at just 20, was drafted 10th overall by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2003 NFL Draft, a young defensive standout.

What Happened to Terrell Suggs Teeth? Gums Issue Or Used Braces

Like any other football player, Suggs started his career, but what really stood out to people were his teeth.

His small teeth looked a bit funny, and some people thought they didn’t quite match his gums, making them seem odd on his face.

Football fans frequently criticized him for being a millionaire but not getting his teeth fixed, sometimes even using mean words to make fun of him.

Terrell Suggs Milk Teeth
Terrell Suggs Is Considered To Have The NFL’s Best Smile Ever (Source: NBC Sports)

Without paying any heed, Suggs didn’t let the talk about his teeth bother him. He once mentioned he would only fix them once he retired from the field. 

However, the strong criticism eventually made him change his mind in 2017, even while he was still playing.

Therefore, getting his dental work done not only made him look better but also silenced his critics.

Terrell Suggs: Relationship, Wife, and Controversy

The NFL player grabbed attention when he took his then-girlfriend, Candace Williams, out on a date.

However, the couple already had a rather unsteady long-term relationship before marriage.

The news often told stories of Suggs’ abusive behavior towards Williams, eventually leading to a court granting a short-term protection order against him.

Terrell Suggs With His Ex-Wife Candace Williams
Terrell Suggs With His Ex-Wife Candace Williams (Source: Celeboid.com)

Just a couple of months after getting a restraining order, Terrell and Candace eventually exchanged wedding vows in 2012.

Together, they are proud parents of two children. They share a son, Duke Suggs, and a daughter, Dahni Suggs.

However, the marriage was short-lived as the wife often caught Suggs cheating, leading to their divorce in 2015, with Terrell’s infidelity cited as the reason.

Child Custody

Suggs strongly denied his ex-wife’s accusations and fought hard to get equal custody of their children after their difficult divorce.

Since his messy split from Candace Williams, Terrell Suggs hasn’t been in any serious relationships.

Candace, his ex-wife, even accused him on social media of not taking care of their kids after the divorce.

Terrell Suggs And His Son Duke Suggs
Terrell Suggs And His Son Duke Suggs (Source: Opendorse)

Even though her actions hurt the former NFL linebacker, Suggs stressed his immense love for his children, vowing never to neglect them.

Despite Candace criticizing his parenting, Suggs truly enjoys spending quality time with his two children.

He often posts pictures of them on his Instagram account and shares updates about their time together.

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