What STD Does Elijah Pritchett Have? Was He Arrested For Transmitting Herpes?

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What STD Does Elijah Pritchett Have? The arrest of the 19-year-old is making headlines in every news outlet.

After authorities recently arrested offensive lineman Elijah, concerns are arising about his availability for the upcoming College Football Playoff game for the Crimson Tide.

Moreover, it is not the first time he has encountered the authorities.

The University Of Alabama Lineman Elijah Pritchett
The University Of Alabama Lineman Elijah Pritchett (Source: ESPN)

Elijah Pritchett, a native of Columbus, Georgia, was one of the top offensive line prospects in the 2022 cycle. Pritchett earned a five-star rating from various sports media.

Moreover, Corey Joyner coached him during his high school years at Carver High. Later, he chose Alabama over Florida State.

Upon arriving at the University of Alabama in 2022, Pritchett played 13 games for the Crimson Tide.

Similarly, he faced teams such as Tennessee, Texas, USF, Georgia, Texas A&M, Mississippi, etc., throughout the season.

Why was Elijah Arrested? What STD Does Elijah Pritchett Have?

On Wednesday evening, Tuscaloosa authorities arrested redshirt freshman offensive lineman Elijah Pritchett.

Authorities charged him with a Class C misdemeanor under Alabama Code § 22-11A-21. The charge was for knowingly transmitting a Sexually Transmitted Disease.

Moreover, the state of Alabama outlines a specific penalty in AL Code § 22-11A-21.

It states:

‘Any person who knowingly transmits, assumes the risk of transmitting, or performs any act likely to transmit a sexually transmitted disease to another person shall be guilty of a Class C misdemeanor.’

However, authorities later released Elijah on a $500 bond. As he is 19, he has a youthful offender status. It is a provision that applies to individuals aged 18 to 21.

People aged 18-21 are the ones who can’t be tried as adults.

Elijah Pritchett Arrested For STD Transmission
Elijah Pritchett Arrested For STD Transmission (Source: Instagram)

Authorities will disclose very few details about the arrest due to the sensitive nature of the charge. Legal protections surround such sensitive medical information.

A Tuscaloosa judge granted him the status. This allowed him to receive a lighter sentence and to waive his right to a jury trial.

Similarly, authorities will not issue a criminal conviction. Likewise, they will seal records of the case.

Just days before the College Football Playoff semifinal game at the Rose Bowl, authorities released him on bond as the Crimson Tide is set to leave.

Pritchett Was Arrested Before

Before this arrest, the lineman Elijah Pritchett had engaged in previous controversial activities.

Before this arrest, authorities had previously stopped Pritchett for driving 95 mph in a 65 mph zone.

Pritchett was driving a 2014 Mercedes-Benz. Pritchett told the ticketing officer that he wasn’t aware of how fast he was going.

Additionally, a month later, he attended a four-hour defensive driving course. There, he completed 10 hours of community service. He also paid $197 in court fees.

Elijah Pritchett On The Field
Elijah Pritchett On The Field (Source: Gridiron Heroics)

Similarly, he spent May 22-26 volunteering with Carver (Ga.) High in Columbus.

Carver coach Michal Osoh provided a signed statement to the court.

It stated that Pritchett worked with players during practice and addressed the guys again about the importance of having discipline, among other topics.

Authorities dismissed him from the case following the statement.

The university dismissed his case on September 5. There has been no public punishment for Pritchett after that.

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  1. My opinion is, he knew what he had and went on with it giving to another person. Wrong Wrong thing to do affected another person health with a disease. He should be banned from the game. I was born and raised Alabama Roll Tide, he has shamed our team.


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