Where Is Tim Donaghy Now? Life After Scandal And Prison Time

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16 years after that scandal, Tim Donaghy is now living his absolute best life in Florida. The disgraced NBA referee, Donaghy, has moved on swiftly in his life. 

Once a well-regarded NBA official, Tim Donaghy ruined his entire reputation after taking part in gambling. He worked as an NBA referee for 13 years, but in 2008, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for his disgraceful action. 

Today Tim Lives In Florida With His Partner, Carolyn And His Daughters From First Marriage
Today, Tim Lives In Florida With His Partner, Carolyn, And His Daughters From His First Marriage (Source: Facebook)

When the scandal broke out, Donaghy’s world fell apart as he lost his job, his money, and his wife. His relationship with his daughters also became miserable. 

But looking at him now, Donaghy has glued back the fallen pieces. He found another partner in Carolyn, his relationship with his daughter is no longer dire, and there are movies and Netflix specials made on him. 

Where Is Tim Donaghy Now? Life After Scandal And Prison Time

The disgraced former NBA referee Tim Donaghy lives a peaceful and happy life with his family in North Sarasota, Florida. We can get a small glimpse of his life through the posts he shares on his Facebook handle.

A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tim Donaghy, came from a sporty family. His father, Gerry Donaghy, was a highly reputed referee at the collegiate level. Tim eclipsed his father and did even better as he reached the pinnacle of the sport he loved the most.

Tim Donaghy (Center) Pictured With His Family Members Last Year In August
Tim Donaghy (Center) Pictured With His Family Members Last Year In August (Source: Facebook)

Before the scandal hit, Tim was already living a luxurious life and was earning upwards of 300k as a referee in the NBA. But his greed and addiction got the better of him. 

In 2007, Donaghy was sent to prison for 15 months after it was found he placed bets on league games, including some he officiated. During that time, Donaghy even lived for 15 days in solitary confinement.

It was found that Donaghy shared his knowledge of league directives, the philosophies of NBA coaches, and players’ physical condition. After coming out of prison, Donaghy appeared on “60 Minutes.”

In the show, he talked about how it all began. He also revealed he once targeted Allen Iverson because he wasn’t suspended despite threatening referee Steve Javie. In 2019, a film titled “Inside Game” was also released based on Donaghy’s scandal.

A 2019 article about the former referee mentioned that he works in real estate. Donaghy also started the website Refpicks.com in 2013, where one could buy picks on his game for $20. 

Tim Donaghy Family: Relationship With Wife & Daughters

Tim’s entire world collapsed when the gambling charges were brought against him. Before that, he was living a satisfied life with his then-wife Kim and his four daughters. 

Tim Donaghy married his first wife, Kim Strupp Donaghy, in 1995 after they eloped. Their wedding happened on a beach, with no family in attendance. 

At the time, Kimberly was a flight attendant and continued her job even after the wedding. Kim appeared in the Netflix special, “Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul,” released in 2022. 

She shared how Tim had become addicted to gambling, and his attitude changed once he began to referee the NBA games. The couple divorced in 2007 after Tim’s scandal became a national headline. 

Tim Donaghy Pictured With His Daughter, Meghan Donaghy, During An NFL Game In September
Tim Donaghy Pictured With His Daughter, Meghan Donaghy, During An NFL Game In September (Source: Facebook)

In their 12 years of marriage, Tim and Kim welcomed four daughters-Meghan, Shannon, Bridget, and Molly Donaghy. During a conversation with The New York Times in 2011, Tim mentioned his relationship with his two older daughters, Meghan and Shannon, was a bit poor. 

But looking at his Facebook handle now, the two daughters might’ve forgiven their dad. Earlier this year, in September, Tim attended the Eagles game with his daughter, Meghan, at the Raymond James Stadium. 

He is also friends with another older daughter, Shannon, on Facebook and continues to share her pictures.

His youngest daughter, Molly Donaghy, is a graduate of Florida State University, and Tim previously shared a video of him playing golf with his daughter.

After divorcing Kim, Tim moved on with Carolyn Russo-Thomas. Like Tim, Carolyn was also previously married and had two kids, a son and a daughter. The two had already started seeing each other in 2011, by the time, The New York Times interviewed him.

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