Who Are Amy and Mark Bush, Jett Bush Parents? Family Tree

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Jett Bush’s parents Amy and Mark Bush were the first ones to know about Jett’s scholarship at the University of Texas.

Jett Bush’s coach wanted to surprise him with a scholarship announcement during a team meeting, but first, he told Jett’s parents, Amy and Mark Bush, about it.

The special moment when Jett and his family found out about the scholarship was filmed, shared on Twitter, and became popular online.

Jett Bush During His Game
Jett Bush During His Game (Source: Instagram)

Jett Bush has been a linebacker for the Texas Longhorns since 2019, after playing football at Strake Jesuit High School.

He’s made significant contributions to the team’s defense, playing 13 games last season and making 17 tackles, 10 of which were solo.

As a fifth-year linebacker with 44 games under his belt and one start, he’s using an extra year of eligibility.

He made his debut against Louisiana Tech in 2019 and received a scholarship during a team meeting on September 10, 2020.

Moreover, Bush is also recognized for his academic achievements, having been named to the 2019-20 Academic All-Big 12 Rookie Team.

He is also a two-time member of the Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021.

Who Are Amy and Mark Bush, Jett Bush Parents?

David Jett Bush’s parents, Amy and Mark Bush have stood by him steadfastly throughout his football journey. 

Amy, Jett’s mother, is a Real Estate Agent who has been working as a Realtor at Greenwood King Properties for the past year.

Jett Bush Parents Is Amy And Mark
Jett Bush Parents Are Amy And Mark (Source: Instagram)

She actively engages on Instagram, where she shares family pictures and posts videos supporting Jett during his games.

In contrast, Jett’s father, Mark, values his privacy and prefers to keep his personal information private.

Mark maintains a low profile and refrains from sharing details about himself publicly.

Father Mark Reaction Went Viral on Twitter

Jett Bush began his journey with Texas as a walk-on in 2019 after leaving his commitment with New Mexico State.

Bush’s talent and performance on the field caught Coach Tom Herman’s attention and was granted a full scholarship during his sophomore year at the University of Texas.

During the scholarship announcement, Coach Tom intended to surprise Bush during a team meeting but first informed Bush’s parents about this significant news.

Following the stunning revelation, Bush’s father expressed his gratitude to Coach Herman.

“Man, Coach…I can’t even thank you enough,” Mark said. “That’s gonna make his life. He plays every day like it’s his last. He loves football and you already know that”

A video capturing the heartwarming moment when Bush and his family learned about the scholarship was shared on Twitter.

The video quickly garnered attention and went viral on Twitter.

Jeff Grew Up With Three Brothers

Jett grew up in a family of four boys, including himself. His two older brothers are named Josh and Michael.

Jett Bush With His mother And Brothers
Jett Bush With His Mother and Brothers (Source: Instagram)

Josh is married and has a child with his wife.

Jett also has a brother named Jett Joe, and judging from their pictures, they seem to be close in age.

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