Who Are Chris And Michelle Okada? Ty Okada Parents & Ethnicity

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Ty Okada parents, Chris, and Michelle Okada, are natives of Minnesota. The husband-wife duo raised two athletic sons with one close to making his NFL debut.

The 24-year-old player of the Seattle Seahawks, Ty Okada, joined the Montana State in 2017. The safety played six seasons at Montana, and in his senior year, he earned Second Team All-Big Sky honors.

Ty Okada Pictured In Action For The Seahawks
Ty Okada Pictured In Action For The Seahawks (Source: Instagram)

During his high school days, Okada was a multi-sport athlete, competing in wrestling and baseball. He was the district offensive player of the year playing as a quarterback and earned all-conference awards for the other two sports. 

At Montana, it took Ty extra time to find his feet. But in the end, he did find it. Okada went undrafted earlier this year but was signed by the Seahawks. Ty’s athletic career hasn’t been an easy journey.

After signing for the Seahawks, he was waived in August but was again re-signed to the practice squad. Now, after facing many hurdles, the young talent has been finally elevated to the active roster. 

Ty Okada Parents: Meet Chris And Michelle Okada

Ty Okada’s parents, Chris and Michelle Okada, always encouraged the Seahawk player to pick up different sports. After all, his father was an athlete during his heydays.

A graduate of Minnesota State University, Chris Okada earned his degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing and finance. Not only did he excel in academics, he was also an excellent swimmer. 

In Minnesota, Chris also played football, but after graduation, Chris made his athletic career take a backseat. In 1995, he began his venture into the corporate world and became a loan officer. 

After working three years as a loan officer, Chris joined Philip Morris International and served as their territory sales manager. After working five years in the same position, it was time for Chris to establish his own business.

Chris Shares A Selfie Of Him And His Wife, Michelle
Chris Shares A Selfie Of Him And His Wife, Michelle (Source: Instagram)

He opened Insight Mortgage Consultants and served as its President for another five years before joining Wealth Enhancement Group in 2008. This was Chris’ first stint with the company. 

In 2010, Chris had the opportunity to join Wells Fargo, and he took it. He joined the company as their Loan Servicing Supervisor and was promoted to Loan Administration Manager within two years. 

But in 2015, Chris decided to rejoin Wealth Enhancement Group, and in 2020 was made the company’s Vice President. Despite, swiftly climbing up the corporate ladder, Chris didn’t forget his love for sports. 

He is said to coach a high school boy’s lacrosse team and has previously coached Ty’s football teams. Ty’s mother, Michelle Okada, is a graduate of Concordia University. 

She later completed her master’s from Hamline University in Public Administration in 2008. Since 1996, Michelle has been working for the City of Woodbury. Since 2018, she has been serving as their Parks and Recreation Director. 

The husband-wife duo of Michelle and Chris share a joint Facebook handle, which isn’t very active. They also have an individual Instagram handle but have kept it private. 

Ty Okada Ethnicity: Get To Know His Brother

The surname of the NFL player has created confusion among the fans. The surname “Okada” has Japanese roots, but Ty has never said whether his family has any link to the Japanese heritage. 

The former Montana State was born and raised in Woodbury, Minnesota, and completed his high school at East Ridge High. He later enrolled at Montana State University and spent six seasons playing football. 

Before dedicating his college years to football, Ty also competed in wrestling. His older brother, MJ Okada, also competed in wrestling but later gave up on athletic life. 

Ty's Brother, MJ Okada, Pictured On His Duty With JetBlue
Ty’s Brother, MJ Okada, Pictured On His Duty For JetBlue (Source: Facebook)

MJ graduated from the University of North Dakota with a degree in aeronautics in 2019. After graduation, MJ joined the UND Aerospace Foundation and became their lead flight instructor. 

In 2021, he joined SkyWest Airlines and became their Airline Pilot for a year. In 2022, he received a promotion and became their pilot recruiter. Earlier this year, he joined United Airlines and is their First Officer. 

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