Who Are Emily And LaMonte Wade Sr? LaMonte Wade Jr Parents

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LaMonte Wade Jr, the first baseman and outfielder for the San Francisco Giants, stands among outstanding active MLB figures. It’s all due to the benevolence of his parents.

LaMonte Wade is the son of LaMonte Wade Sr. and his mother, Emily.

Wade is originally from Owings, Maryland, and went to college there. During his time at the University of Maryland, College Park, he was a baseball player. 

LaMonte Wade Jr. With His Parents
LaMonte Wade Jr. With His Parents (Source: Instagram)

Wade was chosen by the Minnesota Twins in the ninth round of the 2015 MLB Draft. He made his debut in Major League Baseball in 2019 with the Twins. He had previously played in the league for them.

Wade and the Giants reached a deal on January 13, 2023, to avoid salary arbitration and sign a one-year, $1.375 million contract.

The top three highest-paid Giants players in the 2023 season are Michael Conforto ($18 million), Brandon Crawford ($16 million), and Alex Wood ($12.5 million), respectively.

Who Are Emily And LaMonte Wade Sr? LaMonte Wade’s Parents

LaMonte Aaron Wade Jr., also known as “Late Night LaMonte,” was born to Emily and LaMonte Wade Sr. on January 1, 1994.

The young LaMonte’s parents chose to work the night shift at the post office so that they would have more time to play ball with LaMonte and his younger brother Jamal during the day.

LaMonte With His Father, Mother & Brother 
LaMonte With His Father, Mother & Brother (Source: Instagram)

It was fantastic to see how excited the crowd was and how happy his mother looked. The game seemed much more special because his parents were there.

Because Emily can’t sit still during games and gets antsy, she always appreciates her self-guided tour of the ballpark before the game.

Emily first gained notoriety when her kid hit a home run into McCovey Cove over her head for a Splah Hit.

Wade Comes From An Athletic Family

The parents of LaMonte Jr. are both fundamentally athletic as well.

At Coppin State in Baltimore, Emily played softball on a post office team and a family team before switching to tennis. Baseball was LaMonte Sr.’s sport in high school and at Maryland.

The closure of the lower leagues forced younger brother Jamal, a pitcher selected by the Mariners in 2017, to miss time. The next year, after recuperating an arm injury, he played again in the independent league.

LaMonte with his parents on the game field
Wade Jr’s Parents Are Former Athletes (Source: Instagram)

She has won multiple medals, and she hangs them in the boys’ bedroom next to their own trophies and medals so they may see where their athleticism came from.

A few years ago, Emily improved that sport by joining a table-tennis club and practicing with a coach.

The Wade couple was not there for the game because Emily was competing in a ping-pong event, exactly like her son did in 2021, with just a few more spectators on him than on her.

Journey To Baseball & Prominence

Dad took LaMonte Jr. to an Orioles game at Camden Yards when he was 2 years old.

He became so engrossed in the game that he didn’t even play around or consume junk food, which is typical of young children.

He didn’t move since he was so entranced. After the game, the person seated behind Wade Sr. touched him on the shoulder and inquired about his age.

He replied, “Two.” The man then said, “Man, I missed the majority of the game watching him watch the game,” in response.

LaMonte Wade Jr. diagnosed with a bone bruise, out of the Opening Day lineup in 2022
Wade Jr. Was Diagnosed With A Bone Bruise, Out Of The Opening Day Lineup In 2022 (Source: McCovey Chronicles)

The Wades usually travel with “My Love for Baseball,” a book. It was authored by their son as a middle school assignment and dedicated to his parents.

He developed a passion for baseball. Every morning when his father got home from work, he would be sat on the floor in the kitchen with his baseball and bat.

LaMonte Jr. said in his book that he initially grew enthralled with the game as a young child. He watched his mother, a slugging left fielder, play competitive slow-pitch softball.

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