Who Are Jackson & Whit Muschamp, Will Muschamp Son? Age Gap & Family

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Will Muschamp son: We can report that Will is the father of two children Jackson and Whit. Additionally, his family chronicles including the age gap with spouse and children are trending in internet searches.

As one of the prominent coaches in college football, Will’s personal life gossip is always in the limelight. Following their father’s footsteps, Jackson and Whit are also high-profile junior football athletes.

Will is renowned for his personality, coaching methods, and interview soundbites which have endeared him to American Football fans.

Georgia Coordinator Will Muschamp
Georgia Coordinator Will Muschamp (Source: The Athletic)

Will Muschamp was born on August 3, 1971, in Georgia, United States. However, his formative years took place in Florida. He completed his schooling at Darlington and, throughout his time there, participated in various sports including football and track.

Commencing that, he went to the University of Georgia and played as safety for their college football team. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1994.

Following his graduation from Georgia, Muschamp took on the role of an assistant coach at Auburn University. In 1996, Muschamp obtained a master’s degree in education from Auburn. Subsequently, he served as the defensive backs coach for one season each at the University of West Georgia and Eastern Kentucky University.

Presently, he works as special teams and defensive coordinator for Georgia where he has been since 2021. In terms of social media presence, Will is active on X (@CoachWMuschamp) where he posts stuff related to football and personal life. At times, Will also posts about his sons Jackson and Whit’s football games, cheering and supporting his boys.

Jack And Whit Muschamp : Will Muschamp Son

As mentioned earlier, Will is a proud dad to two sons Jack and Whit Muschamp. Football runs throughout the Muschamp family DNA, as both of Will’s sons are prominent football athletes in high school and college.

Jackson is in his junior year at the University of Georgia and plays as a quarterback. Additionally, he attended Hammond High School. As the son of Will Muschamp and a talented athlete, he is quite famous in the sporting world. The 6’3” athlete is active on Instagram(@jackson_muschamp) where he shares pictures of his games, training, and family moments.

Will Muschamp With Family
Will Muschamp With Family (Source: X)

Likewise, Will’s younger son Whit played as quarterback for Baylor High School. After posting great statistics and winning accolades in high school, he has already committed to Vanderbilt University to play at the collegiate level.

The careers of both Jackson and Whit seem to be going leaps and bounds each year, with both aiming for an NFL contract in the near future. It will be interesting to see how their football career unfolds. 

Will Muschamp Family: Age Gap With Wife? 

Will Muschamp married his college sweetheart Carol Davis Muschamp. She is also a native of Georgia and is currently 51 years old. Hence, the age gap between Carol and Will is less than 2 years. The couple exchanged wedding vows in 1999 and have been happily married for over two decades.

Carol has been a supportive figure throughout Will’s life, starting from his playing days to coaching ventures. Presently, she appears on the stands from time to time supporting Will’s team. The pair share a heart-warming relationship with Will indicating in multiple interviews how important the support of his wife and children are to him.

Will With His Wife Carol
Will With His Wife Carol (Source: X)

To add to his family chronicles, his parents are father Larry Muschamp, and mother Sally Muschamp. Larry who was also a college athlete and former coach, sadly passed away in 2014. Will also has a sibling named Mike Muschamp.



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