Who Are Jim And Amy Cook? QB Brady Cook Parents

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The parents of Brady Cook are super proud of the path their son embarked on. In addition, dad Jim and mom Amy Cook wish to see their son in the NFL one day.

Brady Cook is among the most exciting young talents that will soon play in the NFL. His talent is undeniable, and the scouts have highlighted him on their list.

Moreover, today, we’ll be talking about his parents. Besides being the parents of the college athlete, who are Jim and Amy Cook? Let’s find out.

Missouri State Quarterback Brady Cook
Missouri State Quarterback Brady Cook (Source: Instagram)

Brady Cook is a 22-year-old student-athlete who plays football as a quarterback. Cook and his family hail from St. Louis, Missouri, and he was a top recruit right from his high school days.

Moreover, Brady was a Missouri Tigers fan from his childhood and eventually joined the University of Missouri as well.

The quarterback is in his junior year, impressing the Tigers fans with his weekly performances. In addition, he is gaining a healthy amount followers who find his game stand out from the rest.

Meet The Parents of Brady Cook

Jim and Amy Cook are the parents of Brady and his three sisters, Carly, Ellie, and Alex Cook.

The Cook couple are still together after decades of marriage. Amy frequently posts pictures of them celebrating their love on Instagram.

Moreover, they are also very successful in their business, as we will find out below.

Father Jim Cook Is An Entrepreneur

The patriarch of the family, Jim Cook, is a successful businessman. He graduated from Indiana University Bloomington and started hustling from a young age.

Furthermore, Jim is the principal of Mia Rose Holdings and the owner of Sugarfire Smoke House. In addition, he is also into Real Estate Development, The Junction.

Jim And Amy Cook
Jim And Amy Cook (Source: Instagram)

However, Jim’s most successful venture is Imo’s Pizza, which the whole Cook family proudly endorses. 

Besides being a businessman, Jim is a fantastic father to his four kids. He has always supported Brady, especially in the times he felt down.

When asked how he motivates his son, Jim replied, “I always tell him, hey, take a couple of deep breaths and just let the game flow.”

Mother Amy Cook 

Brady’s mother, Amy Martin Cook, is the rock and pillar that holds the Cook family together.

With her husband pretty much busy with his work, Amy took up the role of the perfect matriarch of the family.

Brady With His Mom Amy
Brady With His Mom, Amy (Source: Instagram)

Besides, Brady’s mother is also the co-owner and partner and looks after their restaurant chains.

She, along with her husband, also owns one of the largest franchisees of Imo’s Pizza locations in St. Louis.

Moreover, as a loving mother, Amy has seen her son go from a young, raucous kid to a well-understanding and mature man. She helped him control his emotions over things like losing and handling passion against ferocity.

Regarding this, Amy had to say, “He definitely handles things with a lot more grace. But we always kind of laugh about that.”

Brady Cook Has Three Sisters

Brady is the proud brother to three sisters. His sisters, Carly, Alex, and Ellie, are all very supportive of their athlete brother.

Moreover, Carly has already tied the knot and lives with her husband, Ben Paige, and their two kids in Dallas.

The Cook Sisters
The Cook Sisters (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Alex Cook is a student and attends the University of Missouri-Kansas School of Dentistry.

Ellie, who turned 19 in February 2023, is the youngest of the Cook household and attends Missouri State University.


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