Who Are Robert And Melissa Diaz? Nate Diaz Parents

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Nate Diaz parents, Melissa and Robert Diaz are both involved in martial arts, and they have supported him throughout his career. 

Nate Diaz was born and raised in Stockton, California, where street fights were common. As a result, he started training in martial arts to be able to defend himself.

He eventually started competing in amateur fights and debuted in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) career in 2004.

Later, Diaz participated in The Ultimate Fighter 5 and eventually won the championship.

Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz Looking Stylish (Source: Instagram)

In 2007, he signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and played his first game against Junior Assuncao.

During the following years, Diaz established himself as one of the best lightweights in the UFC.

In addition, he achieved remarkable victories over renowned fighters, including Gray Maynard, Takanori Gomi, and Jim Miller.

Later, in 2012, he was offered the chance to compete in the UFC lightweight championship against Benson Henderson.

Despite losing the match, he demonstrated remarkable courage and persistence, going the full five rounds.

Nate Diaz Parents

Born on April 16, 1985, in Stockton, California, Nathan Donald Diaz had parents who were martial arts enthusiasts.

His mother, Melissa, was a former boxer, while his father, Robert, was a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Their interest in the discipline influenced both Nate and his elder brother Nick to start training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu at a young age.

Nate Diaz And His Family
Nate Diaz And His Family (Source: UFCBlogs)

Nate and Nick grew up in a rough neighborhood in Stockton where street fights were common.

They utilized their martial arts training to defend themselves and later began participating in amateur fights. 

Growing up, the three siblings, Nick, Nate, and Nina, were raised by their mother, as their father wasn’t around much.

To support the family, Melissa worked as a full-time waitress while raising her children, making things even more difficult without a father figure around.

Nick Diaz, Brother Of Nate

Like Nate, his brother Nick is also a professional mixed martial artist who competes in the middleweight division of the UFC.

He was born on August 2, 1983, and is an older brother of Nate.

Nate Diaz's Brother Nick Diaz
Nate Diaz’s Brother Nick Diaz (Source: Instagram)

Before making his official professional debut, Diaz was involved in unsanctioned bare-knuckle MMA fights.

However, he officially became a professional MMA fighter in 2001 and won his debut fight at IFC Warriors.

In July 2002, Diaz became IFC Welterweight Championship by defeating Chris Lytle. 

Throughout his career, he fought for several organizations, including  PRIDE, EliteXC, DREAM, and Shooto, and has also competed in boxing matches.

Nate Diaz Wife And Kids

Nate Diaz is presently in a relationship with Misty Brown, who was born on March 24, 1985, to Steven and Karla Brown.

There are rumors that Nate Diaz and Misty Brown were childhood sweethearts and secretly had been dating since 2012.

The couple has not confirmed any details about their relationship and prefers to keep their personal lives private. 

They are parents to two kids as they welcomed their first daughter Nikayla Diaz on June 6th, 2018, and another one in 2022. 

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