Who Are Seth And Payton Ryan? Rex Ryan Son Age Gap

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Lately, Seth and Payton Ryan, the sons of former NFL head coach Rex Ryan have been a recurring subject of discussion among the public.

Seth and Payton Ryan are the only children of Rex and his wife Michelle.

Former NFL Head Coach Rex Ryan
Former NFL Head Coach Rex Ryan (Source: ESPN)

Rex Ashley Ryan is a retired football coach and an analyst. Ryan’s coaching career spans almost three decades.

Moreover, Ryan’s first spell as a head coach came with the New York Jets in 2009 and then with the Buffalo Bills in the 2015-16 season.

Before being a head coach, Rex devoted 22 years of his life to being an assistant coach for several college and professional teams.

Rex was considered the beacon of hope amongst the Jets fans. Likewise, under his leadership, the Jets made back-to-back AFC Championship appearances in the 2009 and 2010 seasons.

In 2012, Ryan made a cameo appearance in Adam Sandler’s movie ‘That’s My Boy.’ 

Rex Ryan is an analyst by profession as of now who serves under ESPN as an NFL analyst. Rex, who joined the sporting media giants in 2017 makes continual appearances on Sunday NFL Countdown.

In addition to this, Ryan also contributes to other platforms such as Get Up, SportsCenter, and ESPN Radio.

Who Are Seth And Payton Ryan? Rex Ryan Son Age Gap

Rex Ryan and Michelle got married in 1987. Following their marriage, Rex and Michelle welcomed two sons into the family, Payton and Seth.

The eldest son is Payton Ryan and there is an interesting tale behind his name. Payton was named after Hall of Fame running back Walter Payton who was coached by his grandfather, Buddy Ryan.

Rex Ryan's Youngest Son Seth Ryan
Rex Ryan’s Youngest Son Seth Ryan (Source: Detroit Lions)

Moreover, not much is known about Payton Ryan as he deliberately prefers keeping his distance from the media’s crosshair.

Furthermore, the other son, Seth Ryan is in a caliber of his own and is currently a trending subject among many journalists.

Born on March 26, 1994, Seth Ryan is a former football player who played wide receiver for the Clemson Tigers. He went to Summit High School and was redshirted as a freshman with the Tigers in 2013.

However, Seth left football as a player because of his coaching aspirations. In 2019, Seth joined the LA Chargers of the NFL as a quality control coach.

Likewise, today Seth serves as the assistant wide receivers coach for the Detroit Lions of the NFL.

A Lineage Of Coaches

Rex Ryan hails from a bloodline of successful football coaches, and among the Ryan family’s most accomplished names are Buddy Ryan and Rob Ryan.

Ryan was born on December 13, 1962, to his parents Buddy Ryan and Doris Ryan.

Rex And Rob Ryan With Their Father Buddy Ryan
Rex And Rob Ryan With Their Father Buddy Ryan (Source: Heavy.com)

Buddy Ryan served as the defensive coordinator for the 1985 Bears, widely recognized as the most feared and among the top few defenses of all time.

Moreover, upon winning Super Bowl XX, Buddy Ryan was hired by the NFL powerhouse Philadelphia Eagles, his first coaching job.

Likewise, another prominent name in the Ryan family is Rob Ryan, the twin brother of Rex. Rob kickstarted his coaching career in 1987 at a local Kentucky school. 

During Rob’s coaching timeframe, he was part of various teams, including the New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders.





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