Who Are Stephen And Melissa Williams? Emory Williams Parents

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Emory Williams parents, Stephen and Melissa Williams, are former high school athletes. The husband-wife duo both have psychology degrees and currently work in fields far from that of sports. 

With her psychology degree, Melissa wants to help the inmates, and previously, with his psychology degree, Stephen worked with the US Marines. The supportive parents of Emory Williams are the ones to encourage him to step out of his comfort zone.

Emory Pictured During Miami's Practice Session Earlier This Year In March
Emory Pictured During Miami’s Practice Session Earlier This Year In March (Source: Instagram)

Growing up in the Williams household must have been a chaotic mess, as there are seven Williams kids. And all of them are boys. Emory is the third oldest among them. 

The Miami quarterback, Williams, suffered a left arm injury during the loss against Florida State on November 11. He was immediately taken to the local hospital with coach Coach Mario Cristobal saying the injury was significant. 

Emory Williams Parents: Meet Stephen And Melissa Williams 

Emory Williams’ parents, Stephen and Melissa Williams, raised seven sons in Milton, Florida. His parents were high school athletes who ventured into other professions later in their lives. 

Emory’s dad, Stephen Williams, knows two or three things about staying in discipline. After all, he served with the US Marines. A graduate of Florida State University, Williams earned his degree in psychology in 1997. 

Soon after graduating, Stephen joined the United States Marine Corps as an Intelligence Officer. He led 500 Marines and served on four continents in five contingency operations.

Stephen left the Marines in 2004 and became Land Department Director at KB Home in Orlando, Lakeland. He was a market strategist and was responsible for the acquisition.

On The Left: Emory Pictured With His Father, Stephen Williams, And On The Right: Emory's Brother, Aubrey Williams Pictured With Their Mother, Melissa
On The Left: Emory Pictured With His Father, Stephen Williams, And On The Right: Emory’s Brother, Aubrey Williams, Pictured With Their Mother, Melissa (Source: Facebook)

In 2006, Stephen joined the Counterintelligence Field Activity. He was part of the Department of Defense Program and helped them to combat terrorism. After working for a year, Williams Sr once again returned to construction and became director of land operations for Thunder Enterprises. 

Today, Stephen handles 12 stores as Walmart South Alabama/Northwest Florida market manager. Previously, talking about his son’s college selection, Williams believed Mario Cristobal’s team worked on a different level compared to the rest. 

When it was time to decide, the father-son duo promised each other they wouldn’t focus too much on the transfer portal. They believed it would be counterproductive. 

Emory’s mother, Melissa Williams, played softball in high school alongside volleyball and ran track. Last year, Melissa was said to have been working on her master’s in psychology degree at West Florida. 

With her degree, Melissa wanted to counsel inmates and become a positive force for good. Though she isn’t involved in the footballing side as much, Melissa motivates her son by saying he will not see much growth if he remains in his comfort zone. 

Emory Williams Large Family With Six Brothers 

Born and brought up in a religious household, Emory has two older brothers and four younger ones. His two older brothers are- Aubrey and Greyson. 

The oldest of seven, Aubrey Williams, played quarterback for Milton and later played collegiate football for NAIA Judson University. Earlier this year, Aubrey grad transferred to AIC and announced his decision on his X/Twitter handle. 

Emory’s other older brother, Greyson Williams, doesn’t seem interested in sports. He is currently a student at the University of Florida. 

Emory Williams Family, Including His Grandparents, Parents, And Six Brothers Pictured During Christmas
Emory Williams’ Family, Including His Grandparents, Parents, And Six Brothers, Pictured During Christmas (Source: Facebook)

Emory’s four younger brothers are Tate, Graham, Caleb, and Ross. During an interview with the Miami Herald last year, Caleb said he was better than his older brother at football. 

The other younger brother, Graham, only wished his brother would take him to Miami. The family also believes Graham can become a strong athlete as the 13-year-old is already wearing a size-13 shoe.

Aubrey is available on Instagram and has shared a few photographs, with most being of him on the football field. Tate, 17, plays football for Milton and has followed in his older brothers’ footsteps. 

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