Who Are Stephen Kennedy & Stephanie Kennedy, Alanna Kennedy Parents? Family

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Alanna Kennedy is close to both of her parents, Stephen and Stephanie, and also values the time she gets to spend with them each day.

Alanna’s love for her parents is clearly visible on her social media. She often posts images and videos of her parents, along with her sporting achievements.

Alanna Kennedy Posing For A Photo
Alanna Kennedy Posing For A Photo (Source: Instagram)

Australian professional soccer player Alanna Stephanie Kennedy is a defender for Manchester City in the English FA Women’s Super League and also for the Australian national team.

Kennedy, who plays as a center defender for her country, is also a midfield player.

Additionally, the defender was the second-youngest player on Australia’s 23-person squad when she was announced in May 2015 for the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Moreover, the athlete was one of the members of the Matildas team that won the 2017 Tournament of Nations and defeated the US for the first time.

The player was named the IFFHS AFC Women Team of the Decade and earned the Sydney FC Player of the Year award.

Alanna Kennedy Parents

Alanna Kennedy, born January 21, 1995, to parents Stephanie and Stephen, shares a powerful bond with them.

Furthermore, she cherishes spending spare time with her parents, prioritizing quality moments with them.

However, there is no information about her parents’ occupation, but it is possible that they were in business. They both have Instagram accounts, but they are private.

Alanna Kennedy Selfie With Her Parents
Alanna Kennedy Selfie With Her Parents (Source: Facebook)

Alanna’s mother wrote a letter to her daughter in 2021 because she hadn’t had time to see her daughter for months.

Stephanie also stated in the letter that she was proud of Alanna for her achievements in her career.

Moreover, Stephen mentioned in one of the interviews that he and his wife Stephanie have driven their ‘Lany’ to training and tournaments since she was a child.

Some days began at 6 a.m. and finished far beyond 10 p.m., so it was a bit hard, but after seeing how far she’d come, they wouldn’t change a thing.

He stated,

“Then, when she started the W-league, she had a season at Newcastle, so we had to drive from the south of Sydney in Campbelltown to Newcastle for training.”

Furthermore, the father stated that in order to make their children’s passions and dreams a reality, they have to help them in any way possible.

Alanna Kennedy Family 

Alanna Kennedy hails from Campbeltown, Australia, and spent her childhood in Sydney’s Rosemeadow.

She has a very supportive family who provided continuous support during her journey, which made it easier for her to pursue her passion.

Alanna Kenney With Her Family
Alanna Kenney With Her Family (Source: Twitter)

Apart from his parents, Alanna has an older brother named Dan and a younger sister named Kayla.

The defender holds a special admiration for her brother in the family and often mentions him in her interviews as well.

She once shared that her first soccer game, at the age of four, was in her Western Sydney garden, playing alongside her older brother.

“I’ve been playing soccer since I could. My brother was my biggest role model growing up, and I used to want to do everything he did,” Kennedy said.

Alanna Kennedy’s family provided the motivation for her soccer journey, and their support has been a key factor in her success.

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