Who Are Theresa Nunn and Darren Kelly, Deja Kelly Parents? Family Tree

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Both of Deja Kelly parents, Theresa Nunn and Darren Kelly, have athletic backgrounds, which paved the way for the University of North Carolina star’s stellar career.

The legacy they’ve built together for Deja continues to leave a lasting impact on the world of basketball.

Deja Kelly Joined North Carolina In 2020 November
Deja Kelly Joined North Carolina In November 2020 (Source: Instagram)

Deja Kelly, born on September 8, 2001, has become a prominent name in American college basketball as a North Carolina Tar Heels player.

Her journey in basketball began at the tender age of five, playing on the courts of San Antonio, Texas.

Her passion for the sport led her to join the varsity basketball team during her first year at Lady Bird Johnson High School.

The pursuit of excellence prompted a transfer to Duncanville High School in Texas during her junior season.

Graduating from Duncanville High School, Kelly was not only a McDonald’s All-American but also a highly sought-after recruit.

Moreover, the Texas native was also awarded the 2020 Texas Gatorade Player of the Year.

A two-time first-team All-ACC selection, Kelly chose North Carolina over offers from Texas A&M, Duke, and Minnesota.

Deja Kelly Parents

Deja Kelly’s basketball prowess is deeply rooted in her family’s athletic background.

Born to parents Theresa Nunn and Darren Kelly in San Antonio, Texas, she inherited a passion for sports.

Both Theresa Nunn and Darren Kelly played crucial roles in shaping the athlete she is today.

Meet Mother Theresa Nunn

Deja Kelly’s mother, Theresa Nunn, is a former player and accomplished coach with a rich basketball background.

Theresa was raised in San Antonio and attended Churchill High School before graduating from Valley City State University.

Deja Kelly With Her Mother Theresa Nunn
Deja Kelly With Her Mother, Theresa Nunn (Source: Instagram)

Nunn has been immersed in basketball since she was eight years old. Reportedly, she played the sport at both high school and college levels.

Passionate about coaching, she dedicated 18 years to the game. In 2021, she assumed the role of Head Girls’ Basketball Coach at Brentwood Christian School.

Theresa Raised Deja As A Single Mother

Kelly’s upbringing was marked by the constant support of her single mother as Nunn took on the roles of coach, trainer, and confidant in Deja’s life.

Theresa Nunn’s sacrifices were evident as she put her career pursuits on hold to nurture Deja’s talent.

Despite facing challenges in their living situation, Theresa Nunn ensured that her children had access to a stable and nurturing environment.

Deja speaks fondly of her mother’s resilience, stating, “My mom always found a way, and I really admire her for that because she broke her back literally to make sure me and my brother ate great food every night regardless of what we’re going through.”

Meet Father Darren Kelly

On the other side of Deja Kelly’s family tree is her father, Darren Kelly, who is no stranger to athletic achievements himself.

A standout at Archbishop Carroll High School in Washington, D.C., Darren’s skills continued to flourish at Loyola College.

Deja Kelly Pictured With Her Father At Seventh Grade
Deja Kelly Pictured With Her Father At Seventh Grade (Source: ESPN)

His athletic prowess made him the first Loyola recruit selected for the Nike All-America camp.

Darren’s journey led him to Texas, where he played a pivotal role as the starting shooting guard for the Longhorns.

Notably, Darren earned third-team All-Big 12 honors, solidifying his status as a natural leader on the court.

Deja Kelly Family Tree

Beyond Deja’s immediate family, she has three siblings. Meanwhile, her younger brother, Trae Nunn, shares her passion for basketball.

Raised primarily by their mother, both Deja and Trae have excelled in their respective fields.

Deja Kelly And Her Brother Trae Nunn
Deja Kelly And Her Brother Trae Nunn (Source: Instagram)

Trae, a budding basketball player at Waxahachie High School, has showcased his skills on the varsity basketball team.

Standing at an impressive 6 feet 4 inches, Trae has attracted attention from multiple college programs, setting the stage for a promising sports future.

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