Who Are Todd And Mary Charlotte Berger? Grace Berger Parents Age Gap

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Grace Berger parents unyielding support, combined with Grace’s unwavering dedication and talent, have been key ingredients in her remarkable basketball success.

The WNBA dream for Grace began with her father’s influence and their shared love for the game.

Grace, together with her parents, watched that dream become a reality as she embarked on her WNBA career.

Grace Berger
WNBA Star Grace Berger (Source: The Courier-Journal)

Grace Elizabeth Berger, born in 1999, is a standout American basketball player for the WNBA’s Indiana Fever. She was selected in the first round of the 2023 WNBA draft by the Indiana Fever as the seventh overall pick. 

Her journey began with success at Sacred Heart Academy, earning accolades and committing to Indiana University.

In college, Berger’s skills flourished, leading her team to milestones and triple-double records.

She excelled, securing All-Big Ten honors multiple times, including a return for a fifth year due to the pandemic.

Berger also represented the United States at the 2021 FIBA AmeriCup, contributing to a gold medal victory.

Who Are Todd And Mary Charlotte Berger? Grace Berger Parents Age Gap

Grace Berger was born in 1999 to her parents, Todd Berger and Mary Charlotte Berger. The age difference between her parents is not known. Besides Grace, her parents have a son named Jack and a sister named Abby. 

Grace inherited athletic genes from her father. Her father, Todd, played basketball at St. Xavier High School and Transylvania University. 

Both Grace and her father share a deep passion for basketball. When Grace was young, the two used to attend games several times, like the Indiana Fever, Pacers, and the University of Louisville men’s and women’s teams.

Grace With Her Father, Mother, And Sister
Grace With Her Father, Mother, And Sister (Source: WDRB)

They even embarked on a memorable trip in January 2016 to watch LeBron James and the Cavaliers face off against Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Grace’s basketball journey began in the family garage, where her father, Todd, constructed a makeshift 7-foot basketball hoop for his son.

However, it was Grace who dominated the hoop, showcasing her early talent and determination.

The Bergers’ neighbors, including former NBA stars Rick Robey and Nazr Mohammed, were amazed by her relentless commitment to fundamental drills, often stopping to watch her practice.

Family vacations were no exception to the basketball craze. Two basketballs were always packed alongside sunscreen. Even on holiday, Grace would dribble balls for at least 90 minutes daily.

Her father fondly recalled, “Every night, she had to do that, or she really couldn’t go to sleep. It just bothered her.”

Grace Berger Parents Have Been Through Her Thick And Thin

Grace Berger’s journey to becoming a WNBA player is closely intertwined with the unwavering support of her parents. Her parents have been by her side through the highs and lows of her basketball career.

In November 2022, during a game in Las Vegas where Grace took a hard hit on the court, both her parents were in attendance.

They had witnessed their daughter face challenges on the basketball court before, but this was different.

Grace With Her Father
Grace With Her Father (Source: Instagram)

Todd reflected on the incident, stating, “It makes you appreciate every game even more because you never know when it could be taken away.”

Mary also vividly recalled the look of determination and resilience on Grace’s face during that challenging moment.

Fast forward to the 2023 WNBA draft, when Grace was drafted by Indiana Fever, Todd expressed his emotions, describing the experience as surreal and overwhelming.

He emphasized the dedication she had shown to her basketball aspirations throughout her youth. Todd also noted that she had invested a significant amount of time and effort to excel in the sport.

Frequently Asked Question

Who are Grace Berger parents?

Grace Berger parents are Todd Berger and Mary Charlotte Berger. 

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