Who Is 6ar6ie6? Leaked, Boxing Record, And No Makeup Look

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6ar6ie6 (Barbie Three Six), also known as Avery Pongracz, is an Australian boxer and TikTok influencer whose OnlyFans recently got leaked on the Internet.

Pongracz’s spooky lip-sync videos have gained her a lot of fame. She has produced a number of recordings, attracting a lot of attention.

Due to her outstanding talent and skill set, 6ar6ie6 has developed a successful career over the years and gained recognition and interest on a global scale.

The Australian Boxer And TikTok Influencer Avery Pongracz commonly known as 6ar6ie6
The Australian Boxer And TikTok Influencer Avery Pongracz, Commonly Known As 6ar6ie6 (Source: Instagram)

With her own style of video, 6ar6ie6 became well-known on the social media platform TikTok. She started posting recordings of her performances and her funny flair and gained a following right away.

One of her earliest well-liked videos featured 6ar6ie6 dancing in a parking lot while performing the song “Stupid Horse” in costume. Her popularity increased as a result of the video’s millions of views.

Apparently, the social media sensation has recorded a wide range of items and gotten a wide range of comments and preferences.

Who is 6ar6ie6?

Avery Pongracz, popularly known as 6ar6ie6 (Barbie Three Six), is an Australian boxer and TikTok influencer.

Pongracz was born on December 19, 2001, in Australia and grew up in a loving family, including her parents and two siblings.

In her hometown, the TikTok star attended a local school with her older brother Tyler and younger sister, Mia. After graduating in 2019, Avery got more inclined to arts and entertainment.

Moreover, she started posting videos on Tiktok in April 2020 and quickly became a media sensation.

6ar6ie6 Flexing For A Photograph
6ar6ie6 Flexing For A Photograph (Source: Instagram)

With her unique brand of entertainment that regularly blurs the lines between music, performance art, and internet culture, she has taken TikTok by the horns.

The popular TikToker is mainly known for her life-size haunted model appearances and gory makeup.

With the help of viral videos that caught the internet’s attention, 6ar6ie6 has racked up millions of followers and gained popularity. She has the Instagram username @6ar6ie6 and goes by the nickname BARBIE THREE SIX.

The TikTok sensation has more than 640K followers on her Instagram. Moreover, her TikTok is even more popular, with a whooping follower of 3 million.

6ar6ie No Makeup Look

6ar6ie had not revealed her original look through her social media handles. However, on October 1, 2022, a TikTok user by the user name @6ar6ie6mystepmother revealed her no-makeup look to the public.

“A lot of people want to know how 6ar6ie6 voices and how she looks without makeup so you come to the right account.” The user released a short clip on TikTok with her original voice and no makeup look.

Most of the people found the clip cute, while very few were disappointed by the face reveal.

6ar6ie6 Boxing Record

6ar6ie6 has been training in boxing from the early age of 15. The TikToker has competed in amateur bouts and won several titles and trophies.

However, her fight with fitness expert Whitney Johns on April 22, 2023, became controversial. Avery knocked out Johns in the first round, but the referee let her continue in the second.

“I thought I had her knocked out!” 6ar6ie6 claimed in the post-match interview. “Everyone doubted me, I said I could do it.”She added.

6ar6ie6 Practicing Boxing
6ar6ie6 Practicing Boxing (Source: Instagram)

Later she won the fight and took on Instagram to showcase her win. “It wasn’t pretty, but I kept my promises.”She wrote with pride.

Additionally, Avery Pongracz took part in a number of boxing-related fundraisers and charity activities. On social media, she frequently updates her followers on her boxing journey, and she has motivated many of them to follow their aspirations.

Although her boxing history is unofficially unrecorded, some sources claim that she has competed in 12 fights, winning 10 of them by knockout, losing one by decision, and drawing one.

6ar6ie6 Leaked?

The six-foot goth girl, Avery Pongracz, is also into OnlyFans for a long time.

However, 6ar6ie6 is in the recent limelight when her OnlyFans content got leaked on the Internet.

Not much information is available as to how and when the content got leaked on the internet, but it has been trending on social media. 

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