Who Is Allison McCovey, Willie McCovey Daughter? Wikipedia And Age

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Late baseball player Willie McCovey had an only daughter Allison McCovey from his marriage to Karen Billingsley. Although he later remarried, McCovey did not have any child with his second wife.

Willie and his first wife, Karen, separated shortly after their daughter’s birth. Brought up in California, Allison grew up with her mom, who raised her as a single parent.

However, Wille was always around his little daughter throughout her childhood and did not let her feel his absence. She maintained a close relationship with her dad until he died in 2018 at age 80.

Late American Professional Baseball Player Willie McCovey
Late American Professional Baseball Player Willie McCovey (Source: The Seattle Times)

Willie Lee McCovey, better known as Willie McCovey, is an American former professional baseball player who primarily played as a first baseman. 

A man with many nicknames, he played Major League Baseball for over two decades for three teams, starting in 1959. He is most notable for his stint with the San Francisco Giants, for which he appeared in 19 seasons.

McCovey won several accolades throughout his MLB career, including six All-Star game selections, NL Rookie of the Year, and NL MVP.

Moreover, the Giants inducted him into their Wall of Fame and retired no.44, the jersey number he wore for them. However, he never became the World Series winner.

Who Is Allison McCovey, Willie McCovey’s Daughter?

Wikipedia And Age

Allison McCovey is the only daughter of the former MLB player Willie McCovey and his wife, Karen Billingsley. The pair married each other in 1964 but separated just after two years.

So, born in the mid-sixties, Allison is probably in her late fifties at present.

A California native, her mom, Karen, was a contestant at the 1962 Miss Modesto. She was only 22 when she was married to Willie.

Allison McCovey And Her Dad Willie
Allison McCovey And Her Dad, Willie (Source: Facebook)

After separating from her husband, Karen kept her daughter with her, but Willie never hesitated to provide necessary help to them. As he was playing for the Giants at that time, he lived close by and visited her daughter often.

In fact, Allison never felt that her parents were separated and got the love from both her parents as a kid. Living near Oakland, California, she attended Bishop O’Dowd High School.

Furthermore, there is no information about her college education. She currently works as a pretrial services officer at Santa Clara County Pretrial Services. 

Allison, The Mother Of Three Kids

Willie’s daughter, Allison, has three kids from her two marriages- a son and two daughters.

She was previously married to a man named Tony Jackson, with whom she had a daughter, Raven Milan Jackson.

However, the two separated, and Allison later remarried, after which she had two kids- a son named Philip Patrick Jr. and a daughter named Marissa Grace Patrick.

Allison McCovey With Her Children P.J. And Marissa
Allison McCovey With Her Children, P.J. And Marissa (Source: Facebook)

Her son, P.J., is currently pursuing an M.D. at the University of California, Irvine. Previously a Jackson State University student, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Biology in 2020.

Aside from his studies, he has been working as a medical assistant at Bioreset Medical since June 2020.

Likewise, her youngest daughter, Marissa Grace, is studying master’s in Enterprise Risk Management at Columbia University. Before that, she attended Hampton University, where she graduated with a degree in Accounting in 2022.





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