Who Is Ana Elda Alvarez? Canelo Alvarez Sister- Age Gap And Family Tree

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The boxing star turned from rags to riches and climbed to the top with the support of Canelo Alvarez sister and his six blood-related brothers.

Canelo is the youngest among his eight siblings; six older brothers, Rigoberto Alvarez, Daniel Alvarez, Ricardo Alvarez, Gonzalo Alvarez, Victor Alvarez, and Ramon Alvarez. 

Which also includes one older sister, Ana Elda Alvarez, and a younger paternal half-brother, Bryan Alvarez.

Canelo Alvarez, The Famous Boxer
Canelo Alvarez, The Famous Boxer (Source: CNN)

Ana Elda is the only sister among his seven brothers and is equally adored by all of them. We can often see Canelo uploading pictures with his sister on Instagram.

As was reported by several sources that Canelo’s brothers are also into boxing, but his sister Ana is a businesswoman.

Although not much information was revealed about her business and personal life on the internet.

Sister, Ana Elder & Seven Brothers

Canelo has six blood-related brothers; Rigoberto, Daniel, Ricardo, Gonzalo, Victor, and Ramon.

For Canelo, his brothers were his ultimate source of inspiration for his success in boxing, and he learned a lot from their boxing careers.

They all are inclined to boxing like their famous younger sibling Canelo. Apart from that, he also has the only older sister, Ana.

Canelo Sister And Mother, Ana
Canelo Sister And Mother, Ana (Source: Instagram)

Ana is older than Canelo, but unsure if she is older than the other six brothers. She is not into violent games like boxing but is a businesswoman.

Canelo’s mother and sister have the same first name, “Ana,” and he adores the females in the family equally.

Family Of Canelo

Canelo was blessed to be born into such a big family with eight siblings to his parents, Santos and Ana Maria Barragan.

Although his parents separated in 2005, his father Santos, married another woman, Susana.

His father’s other marriage gave Canelo another brother Bryan, in 2006, but even that marriage fell apart, and now Santos lives in Juanacatlan, Jalisco, Mexico.

Canelo loves his biological mother, Ana Marie, and often uploads her picture on his Instagram handle.

The couple then belonged to a working-class family and raised their kids with great patience on a farm.

Back then, the Canelo family lived in poor financial conditions with almost 10 mouths to feed.

It was due to Canelo that their conditions flipped, and the Canelo family has seen best to worst together.

Canelo has worked hard for his family and was named the 2021 Fighter of the Year by Sports Illustrated.

Wife & Kids Of Canelo

Canelo has always been a family man and is blessed with four kids without a stable marriage.

He has three daughters; Emily Cinnamon Alvarez (2007), Maria Fernanda Álvarez (2017), and Mia Ener Alvarez.

All the kids of Canelo belong to different women from his dating life; Emily is his school sweetheart Karen Beltrán.

Maria was born from a year-long romance with Fernanda Gómez, and his third daughter Mia is from the model Valeria Quiroz.

Including a son, Saul Adiel, who was welcomed in September 2019 by Nelda Sepulveda, a businesswoman. 

Canelo is separated from all his children’s mothers and is happily living with his kids.

Besides his career and family connections, Canelo never had the same fate for his love life.

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