Who Is Austin Dillon Sister Mackenzie Dillon? Age Gap And Family Tree

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Mackenzie Dillon is the older twin sister of Austin Dillon, an American professional stock car racing driver, and a reality TV show actor.

Austin Dillon began his racing career in the Bandolero Mini Cars Series and the Legend Car Series in 2005. After a year, he started dirt track racing at late dirt model racer Dale McDowell’s school.

Austin Dillon Ready To Race
Austin Dillon Ready To Race (Source: Instagram)

Austin Reed Dillon, the distinguished NASCAR driver, completed his schooling at Forsyth Country Day, a reputable school in North Carolina. Later on, he completed his higher education at High Point University.

The 4-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion quickly established himself as one of the best professional NASCAR drivers after winning his first series in 2008.

Austin Dillon Sister Mackenzie Dillon

Mackenzie Dillon is the older twin sister of Austin Dillon. They have an age gap of just 2 minutes, as Mackenzie was born just 2 minutes before Austin.

Mackenzie was born on April 27, 1990, to her parents, Mike Dillon, and Tina Dillon, in Welcome, North Carolina. As of May 2024, she is 34 years old.

She comes from a rich history of racing family. She is the granddaughter of Richard Childress, who is a former race driver for NASCAR. Her father, Mike Dillon, is also a former race driver. 

Mackenzie always got the love of her family unconditionally. She was interested in racing at a young age and would race any with wheels and an engine.

Beautiful Mackenzie Dillon
Beautiful Mackenzie Dillon (source: musicislife2wrestlingocs)

The family’s rich history in racing definitely had some influence on her. On occasions, Mackenzie used to race Austin in a lighthearted and competitive manner.

The siblings have had a strong relationship with each other since a young age. Even now, their bond is strong as ever.

Not only was she interested in racing siblings, but she also had a regard for art. Whenever she couldn’t race, she would focus her talents on drawing whatever she could draw.

She would draw various stuff, like sunset pictures, portraits of her friends, and even the beautiful scenery of her surroundings.

Mackenzie was excellent in academics during her school days. She was even called a nerd during her time in school due to her exceptional academic performance.

She would achieve no less than 96% in everything that she would get into. After she completed high school, she was awarded a scholarship for her higher education.

Austin’s sister decided to attend the University of North Carolina, and in June 2011, she graduated with a degree in Journalism.

Austin Dillon Family Tree

The family tree of Austin Dillon is very impressive. Austin was born on April 27, 1990, to his parents, Mike and Tina Dillon.

His father is a retired American professional stock car racing driver for “Richard Childress Racing.”

At present, he is the general manager of the team after having raced in all three national series.

Austin is the grandson of Richard Childress, who is also a former race car driver in NASCAR and currently is the owner of Richard Childress Racing.

Dillon Family During Christmas
Dillon Family During Christmas (Source: Instagram)

He has another sibling, older brother Ty Dillion, who also competes full-time in NASCAR Cup Series.

Ty is married to his wife, Haley Carey, who is a former driver, and have two beautiful children, a daughter Oakley Ray Dillon and a son Kapton Reed Dillon.

Austin himself is married to his beautiful wife, Whitney Ward, who is a former NFL cheerleader. The couple also has a baby boy named Ace Dillon.

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