Who Is Barbara Heaton, Aubrey Huff Wife? Are They Still Married?

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Aubrey Huff Wife: The ex-baseball player and his wife, Barbara Heaton, navigated through a series of highs and lows in their journey.

Despite facing challenges, the couple, who had shared a decade together, briefly parted ways but later found their way back to each other.

Yet, the lingering question persists: are they still together, or have they once again chosen separate paths?

Ex-Baseball Player Aubrey Huff
Ex-Baseball Player Aubrey Huff (Source: X)

Aubrey Huff, a former American professional baseball player, showcased his skills over a remarkable 13-season Major League Baseball (MLB) career.

Huff, renowned for his left-handed batting and right-handed throwing, joined the Devil Rays in the sixth round of the 1998 draft and marked his MLB debut with them in 2000.

After concluding his playing career, Huff made a significant transition.

On January 4, 2014, he officially announced his retirement from baseball.

Huff then took on a co-hosting role on a morning radio show for Bay Area sports enthusiasts.

Commencing on March 31, 2014, the show found its home on the popular radio station 95.7 The Game airwaves.

Aubrey Huff Wife: Love, Divorce, and Controversial Views

On January 27, 2007, the former baseball player Huff tied the knot with Barbara Heaton, a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Their union brought forth two sons, and during Huff’s playing days, they established their home in Tampa, Florida, during the off-season.

However, the marital journey took a turn when Baubi Huff filed for divorce on January 31, 2012.

Despite a brief period of reconciliation, the couple ultimately divorced in 2017.

Aubrey Huff With His Ex-Wife Barbara Heaton And Sons
Aubrey Huff With His Ex-Wife Barbara Heaton And Sons (Source: IMDb)

Notably, during this tumultuous time, Huff made public statements suggesting that women might marry him solely for financial gain.

Huff’s controversial views on women came to the forefront in August 2019 when he posted a tweet on his official Twitter account expressing antiquated opinions about marriage.

He remarked,

“I believe in marriage the way it was in the old days when women had pride in being a stay-at-home mom and making sure her man is satisfied providing for the family. Marriage has become a business for women looking to get rich off a successful man.”

These statements triggered a series of sexist comments from Huff, including indirect accusations of women marrying baseball players, labeling them as “gold diggers.”

In a tweet, he expressed his thoughts on the rising divorce rates among athletes:

“Divorce rates amongst athletes will continue to rise until the justice system is rightfully fixed. “

Aubrey Huff elaborated on his perspective, stating:

“No way women who have never threw a touchdown pass, hit a game winning 3, or hit a 2-0 slider deserve half of a mans hard earned money just for having his babies.”

His outspoken views on gender roles and relationships sparked controversy and drew criticism from various quarters.

Social Media Controversy: Christmas Day Exchange with Isabella Maria DeLuca

Aubrey Huff found himself amid controversy when his social media accounts mysteriously disappeared after an incident involving a 23-year-old Christian conservative influencer, Isabella Maria DeLuca.

The young influencer shared images of purported direct messages from the 47-year-old Huff on 2023 Christmas Day, revealing a somewhat awkward exchange.

The initial spark came when Huff commented on X, suggesting that DeLuca’s sexuality was the only noteworthy aspect she brought to the table.

Christian Conservative Influencer, Isabella Maria DeLuca
Christian Conservative Influencer, Isabella Maria DeLuca (Source: dailymail)

In response, Huff allegedly messaged her, saying,

“Hey beautiful, let’s colab over cocktails and bad decisions.”

DeLuca, however, did not take kindly to the unsolicited advances.

In a now-deleted response on X, she expressed her astonishment, pointing out that Huff, a married father of two, was reaching out to her on Christmas Day.

She questioned Huff’s audacity, stating,

“This man has the audacity to insult me but is a married father of 2 DMing me on Christmas day.”

Furthermore, DeLuca shared her decision not to respond to Huff’s messages, pondering whether this led to her being unfollowed.

She questioned if Huff was attacking her for rejecting his proposition of making “bad decisions” together on Christmas morning.

Upon discovering that Huff had deleted his entire social media presence, DeLuca concluded, “Oh! I know why you deleted it! You’re married!”

The incident sparked a wave of online discussions, leaving Huff facing scrutiny for his alleged actions.

Likewise, it raised questions about the consequences of his disappearance from social media.

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