Who Is Bill Byron, William Byron Father? Health & Illness Update

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William Byron father, Bill Byron, is a wealth management advisor, having previously worked for the Falwell family. Unlike his son, William has no experience as a racer.

In an interview, William said the only racing his father had done was the Richard Petty Driving Experience. William’s sister, Kathryn, has followed in her father’s footsteps and works in the financial world. 

A Young William Photographed With His Dad, Bill, And Sister, Kathryn
A Young William Photographed With His Dad, Bill, And Sister, Kathryn (Source: Instagram)

The 26-year-old broke the nine-year curse for Hendrick Motorsports as he won the Dayton 500 on Monday night. The last Hendrick to win the Dayton 500 was Dale Earnhardt Jr in 2014. 

Byron reached the start/finish line and took the white flag before NASCAR called the fifth caution of the evening. He and Ross Chastain of Stackhouse Racing were back and forth for the lead, and it was Byron out front as a crash broke out behind him. 

William Byron Father: Meet Bill Byron 

William Byron father, Bill Byron, is a financial advisor and founder of Byron Financial LLC. He founded the asset management company in 1986 and has over 37 years of experience in the financial services industry.

He is also the financial advisor of Falwell’s and Liberty U’s, with Liberty being the primary sponsor for his son. The Byron family is religious, with Bill being a Myers Park Presbyterian Church member.

Previously, in an interview, the former President of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell, noted that Bill helped his father put in place the life insurance policy that helped Liberty pay off its debt after he died in 2007. 

Bill And Dana Byron Pictured During A Wedding Last Year In December
Bill And Dana Byron Pictured During A Wedding Last Year In December (Source: Instagram)

Bill instilled a love for racing in his son from a young age. When William was a kid, he and Bill would take an annual father-son trip to tracks around the country. 

In an interview with Vice in 2018, Bill was full of praise for his young son. Bill compared his son’s virtual driving to the business world concept of intellectual capital.

He said William has a very high IQ with a very high level of comprehension and learns things quickly. Bill said nobody could take these things for granted and that his son learns from his mistakes and doesn’t duplicate them very often. 

William Bryon Reveals His Dad Is Sick 

After winning the Daytona 500, William was clearly emotional. This was his first Daytona 500 win, having never even finished in the top 10 before Monday’s rain-delayed race. 

After winning the race, William came up to speak to Jamie Little. The racer said, “I’m just a kid from racing on computers and winning the Daytona 500. I can’t believe it. 

I wish my dad was here. He’s sick, but this is for him, man. We’ve been through so much, and we sat up in the grandstands together and watched the race.” 

Though his mom, Dana, is active on social media, she hasn’t shared about her husband’s health. 

William Byron Mom And Sister 

William Byron’s mom, Dana Byron, wasn’t crazy about the idea of her son being a racer. She imagined her son pelted by crash debris, but she gradually got used to it. 

In 2021, the Byron family faced one of the scariest moments of her life. During the Martinsville Speedway event, Dana complained about not feeling well and headed to the local hospital in Martinsville. 

The diagnosis revealed that Dana had been suffering from a “mini-stroke” and that she was brought to the hospital on time.

William Byron Pictured With His Family, Including Mother, Dana, And Sister, Kathryn
William Byron Pictured With His Family, Including Mother, Dana, And Sister, Kathryn (Source: Instagram)

After further tests and diagnosis, it was revealed Dana had a rare but treatable form of cancer known as MALT Lymphoma, and it was located on just the left side of her brain. 

But after several months of treatment, the doctors were able to rumor the tumor, and Dana was feeling much better. Dana is available on Facebook but isn’t very active, having shared only a few photos. 

William also shares a strong bond with his sister, Kathryn Byron. Previously, in an interview, William said his sister isn’t a big racing fan. 

William’s sister, Kathryn, is a Vanderbilt University graduate and completed her MBA last year from Columbia Business School. She works as an investor at SCOR Ventures and was previously part of the MBA Investment team at Future Positive. 

In an interview, when asked who he would like to have in his passenger seat during a NASCAR race, William replied it would be his dad or sister, Kathryn.

He said he would like to have Kathryn in his passenger seat so she could get a kick out of being in the car for a race, as she doesn’t know a ton about racing. 

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