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Bob Roode, the proud father of wrestling sensation Bobby Roode, has been a source of encouragement and support in his son’s journey to wrestling greatness.

As Bobby pursued his dreams in the ring, his father, Bob, stood by him with pride, reflecting the essence of a supportive parent fueling the glorious strides of his wrestling prodigy.

Bobby Roode Is A Canadian Retired Professional Wrestler
Bobby Roode Is A Canadian Retired Professional Wrestler (Source: Instagram)

The Canadian wrestling sensation Bobby Roode was born on May 11, 1977, in Peterborough, Ontario.

Starting with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), Roode’s tag team dominance alongside James Storm as “Beer Money, Inc.” became legendary, winning the TNA World Tag Team Championship multiple times.

In 2016, he made waves in WWE’s NXT, becoming the oldest NXT Champion in history by defeating Shinsuke Nakamura.

However, Roode’s success continued on the main roster, where he secured titles like the United States Championship and formed memorable alliances, notably with Dolph Ziggler as “The Dirty Dawgs.”

Together, they claimed the Raw Tag Team Championship and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Beyond the ring, Roode made his mark in WWE video games, featuring in titles like WWE 2K18, WWE 2K19, and more.

In 2023, Roode gracefully transitioned to a new role as a match producer, showcasing his wealth of experience and love for the sport.

Bobby Roode’s Father, Bob Roode

While Bobby has made waves in the wrestling world, he found unwavering support from his parents, especially his father, Bob Roode, and mother, Sandy Roode.

Bob Roode played a pivotal role in nurturing Bobby’s passion, standing by him every step of the way.

As Bobby pursued his wrestling aspirations, Bob’s encouragement and guidance became the cornerstone of his journey.

Bobby Roode Celebrating 50th Weeding Anniversary Of His Parents Bob Roode And Sandy Roode
Bobby Roode Celebrating 50th Weeding Anniversary Of His Parents Bob Roode And Sandy Roode (Source: Instagram)

A dedicated father, Bob, along with Sandy, fueled Bobby’s determination to step into the wrestling world.

Their belief in his dreams and the sacrifices they made as parents laid the foundation for Bobby Roode’s remarkable career.

In the Roode family story, Bob Roode emerges not just as a father but as a driving force behind realizing a son’s wrestling dreams, showcasing the strength of familial support in pursuing greatness.

His Glorious Wrestling Journey

Robert Roode is a professional wrestler with a career spanning TNA and WWE.

Starting in TNA, Roode’s tag team dominance with James Storm in “Beer Money, Inc.” set the stage for a remarkable solo career.

Roode’s WWE chapter began in NXT in 2016, leading to a memorable NXT Championship win and a main roster call-up to SmackDown.

His impactful debut showcased the start of a glorious era. Roode secured the United States Championship, his first main roster title, and later formed alliances, resulting in the Raw Tag Team Championship with Chad Gable.

Transitioning to singles competition, Roode’s pursuit of glory included a brief 24/7 Championship reign.

His tag team prowess culminated alongside Dolph Ziggler as The Dirty Dawgs claimed both Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Bobby Roode And Dolph Ziggler With Raw Tag Team Championship
Bobby Roode And Dolph Ziggler With Raw Tag Team Championship (Source: Instagram)

Roode’s journey wasn’t without twists, brand switches, suspensions, and unexpected alliances that kept fans on the edge.

However, his triumphant return to SmackDown saw him clinching the SmackDown Tag Team Championship with Ziggler.

In a surprising turn, Roode embraced a producer role after neck surgery, signaling a transition from in-ring competition.

Furthermore, in a heartfelt announcement, he confirmed that a full-time return is unlikely, marking his retirement.

Despite this, Roode’s legacy echoes in WWE’s video games, a testament to his enduring influence.

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