Who Is Brittany Gano, Graham Gano Wife? Wikipedia And Age

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Graham Gano is truly, madly, and deeply in love with his wife, Brittany. The couple seems like they are perfect for each other.

Graham Gano is a common name that comes up when any conversation about placekickers comes up. Gano is a crucial member of the Giants’ special teams.

Furthermore, the veteran is also a proper family man. He has a wife named Brittany and is a father to 5 kids.

NY Giants Placekicker Graham Gano
NY Giants Placekicker Graham Gano (Source: Instagram)

Graham Clark Gano is a 36-year-old professional football player who has played professionally since 2009. Although he was born in Arbroath, Scotland, Gano grew up in Cantonment, Florida, in proper American culture.

Gano attended J.M Tate High School and gained recognition as one of the best kickers during his schooling days. In addition to that, he also played track and field, where he was among the state’s standout performers.

Furthermore, Graham joined Florida State University to play for the Seminoles. In his senior year, he led the charts for field goals and received the Lou Graza Award.

Gano joined the NFL in 2009 as an undrafted free agent to player for the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens waived him immediately, and then he went to the UFL and played for Las Vegas Locomotives. After winning the UFL championship and becoming the top scorer, Gano returned to the NFL to play for the Commanders.

Furthermore, he then went on to join Carolina Panthers. After spending seven years with the Panthers, Gano joined the New York Giants, where he plays currently.

Meet The Wife Of Graham Gano: Brittany Gano

Brittany is the beautiful partner and love of Graham’s life. The two have known each other since their college days.

Brittany is also a former athlete, in particular, a softball player. She played for four years for Florida State University and was a 2-time All-Conference of the Atlantic Coast.

Graham And Brittany Gano
Graham And Brittany Gano (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, she was Brittany Osman before marriage and is originally from San Diego, California. She attended Mount Carmel High School in San Diego.

She celebrates her birthday on January 14. Graham regularly posts her picture on this day, confessing how lucky he is to have such a fantastic partner.

Furthermore, the two lovebirds have been together for over a decade. Nonetheless, they still showcase their love like high school kids, going on romantic dates and vacations.

Married Life And Kids

Talking about their love life, it was a case of him falling hard, but she fell harder. Graham was completely in awe of Brittany, so he even healthily stalked her.

Moreover, all went well as Graham and Brittany walked down the aisle on July 17, 2010. It was a beautiful ceremony with close friends and families in attendance.

The Gano Family
The Gano Family (Source: Instagram)

They have since welcomed five kids into their lives: 3 boys and two girls. The couple is undoubtedly a huge fan of a large, exciting family.

Their first son, Bryson, was born in 2011, with the second son, Ryder, in 2014 and the third son, Kayden, in 2017.

Furthermore, the couple welcomed twin daughters, Riley Elizabeth and Brynlee Marie, in 2019. The family is undoubtedly now complete, as two little sisters provide a perfect balance to the three mischievous brothers.

The Ganos Are Christians

The family of 7 are avid Christians, and they don’t hide it.

Graham has mentioned ‘Saved by Grace’ in his bio; meanwhile, Brittany has written, ‘Daughter in Christ’.

The Gano couple is also teaching their kids the essence of their beliefs.


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