Who Is Brooke Van Pelt, Alex Van Pelt Wife? Patriots OC Family

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While Alex Van Pelt has a well-known football career, his private life with his wife, Brooke, remains largely hidden from the media.

His on-field achievements are well-documented, but the information surrounding his family is hardly disclosed. 

He has successfully maintained a discreet personal life in a world where the spotlight shines brightly on players and coaches.

Alex Van Pelt, offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots
Alex Van Pelt, offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots (Source: X)

Alex Van Pelt, offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots, is an American football coach and former player in the NFL.

At the University of Pittsburgh, Van Pelt was a Panthers quarterback, boasting a single-season achievement of 3,163 passing yards.

Additionally, he was an eighth-round pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers and had stints with the Chiefs and Bills, amassing 16 touchdowns in 11 seasons.

Pelt then transitioned to coaching with assistant positions in the Cincinnati Bengals, Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Buffalo Bills.

Additionally, Pelt became the Cleveland Browns’ offensive coordinator in January 2020 but was fired in January 2024.

Who Is The Wife Of Alex Van Pelt?

Despite being a public figure in the NFL, Alex Van Pelt has shielded his family from the limelight.

Brooke Van Pelt, the wife of the accomplished football personality, has successfully managed to maintain a low profile.

Her husband, Alex, has also respected his wife’s right to privacy and refrained from revealing details about her in his interviews.

Furthermore, she lacks any presence on social media or other public platforms, making it difficult to gather information about her.

However, while the desire for privacy is evident, the couple’s commitment to each other and their family shines through.

Alex Van Pelt Is The New England Patriots' Offensive Coordinator
Alex Van Pelt Is The New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator (Source: packers)

One particular moment in the Van Pelt family’s life is the Pro Bowl trip to Hawaii in 2013.

What made this trip truly special was the inclusion of the entire Van Pelt family.

The trip to Hawaii provided a rare glimpse into the private life of the Van Pelt family.

Alex and Brooke balance a career in the NFL and quality family time.

The Patriots OC Family: Unveiling the Personal Side of New England’s OC

Behind every successful coach is a robust support system, and for Alex Van Pelt, his family is his standing pillar.

Alex Van Pelt serves as the Offensive Coordinator for the New England Patriots, and beyond his strategic role in plays and game-day decisions, his family plays a vital role.

He is renowned for his impressive football career and coaching expertise with a private life revolving around his family.

Married to Brooke Van Pelt, the couple has embarked on a journey beyond the football field.

Together, Alex and Brooke are proud parents to three children – Payton, Paige, and Jack.

New England's OC Alex Van Pelt
New England’s OC Alex Van Pelt (Source: NFL)

Despite the limelight of being part of the Patriots, the Pelt family has maintained a commendable level of privacy.

However, the stability and love his wife and children provide contribute to his focus and determination on and off the field.

As Alex Van Pelt embraces his role as the Patriots Offensive Coordinator, the family remains his constant most significant support.

The move to New England signifies the continuation of the Van Pelt family’s journey in the ever-evolving landscape of the NFL.

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