Who Is Carly Tway? Kevin Tway Sister- Age Gap And Family Tree

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Fans do know about the name Kevin Tway sister Carly Tway but do they really know about her? A spiritual and crystal healing advocate; let’s see who she really is.

Born on July 23, 1988, Kevin Tway is a professional American golf player who has competed on the PGA tour and the Korn Ferry tour.

It is said that he started playing golf at a very young age. This might be because of the influence of his father Bob Tway

His father, who was also a professional golfer, won the PGA championship in 1986. 

Kevin Tway During A Game
Kevin Tway During A Game (Source: Instagram)

Tway went to Oklahoma State University, where he also played college golf. Furthermore, he was a part of the group that captured the NCAA Division I Men’s Golf Championship in 2010.

He started competing on the Korn Ferry Tour as a professional in 2011 and won his first professional match at the Albertsons Boise Open in 2013.

Tway’s success on the PGA Tour comes from his steady and reliable performance, rarely committing costly errors or assuming unwarranted chances on the course.

He is also a philanthropist and actively participates in many events to raise money for neighborhood charities.

Kevin Tway Sister: Who Is Carly Tway?

Kevin Tway has a younger sister Carly Tway. She is an entrepreneur and is very much into the world of crystals.

She has her own line of jewelry where she designs custom jewelry made out of specific crystals that her customers need. 

The sister seems to be very much into spirituality, as she can be seen advocating for crystal and sound healing. She is also very vocal about mental health issues.

On top of that, Carly is a professional dancer with considerable training in ballet, hip-hop, tap, jazz, modern, and salsa.

From 2011 to 2014, she toured the US with the iHollywood Dance Company. The television and film productions such as “Parks and Recreation” and “Glee” both included Miss Tway as a featured dancer.

Kevin Tway With His Sister Carly Tway
Kevin Tway With His Sister Carly Tway (Source: Instagram)

Several music videos featuring Daft Punk/Pharrell’s “Lose Yourself” and Uzi’s “Money” featured Carly dancing as the lead dancer. She served as the face of Vine Street Bags.

She has gone to the International School of Herbal Arts & Science to study Herbalist, Herbalism and also to the Resonance Academy to study Unified Physics finally, she has also attended Los Angeles Valley College to study Philosophy.

Judging from Kevin’s Instagram posts, the siblings look very close as they are frequently going on trips, to movies, and even play golf together.

We do not know exactly how old she is and the age gap with her brother because it has not been revealed on any public platform as of yet. 

Is Kevin Tway Married Or Dating?

 Coming to his love life and personal life, Kevin Tway is not married to this date.

However, he does have a girlfriend named Andi DeYoung. They have been together for a very long time.

The couple also does not have any kids, and public knowledge of their initial meeting is under wraps for now.

Andi is a very supportive girlfriend and often accompanies her partner to golfing events as his personal cheerleader.

According to her Instagram account, where she holds a following of about 19.6k followers, She seems to be a fitness enthusiast.

Kevin Tway With His Girlfriend Ande Deyoung
Kevin Tway With His Girlfriend Ande Deyoung (Source: Instagram)

Deyoung frequently posts pictures and videos of herself exercising at a gym on social media.

Deyoung also describes herself as a nutritionist and “all things healthy” in her Instagram bio. That might be the answer to her well-toned body.

Also, judging by the images from her trips to other nations on her Instagram feed, Kevin’s girlfriend seems to enjoy traveling a lot. 

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