Who Is Chayce Polynice, Olden Polynice Son? Age And Wikipedia

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Chayce Polynice, son of the legendary Olden Polynice, is carving his path as a promising basketball player.

As a rising star in collegiate basketball, he has swiftly garnered attention with his impressive skills.

He hints at the potential to carry forward and even surpass the legacy established by his father.

Chayce is steadily advancing through his journey, leaving a trail of remarkable performances that speak to his dedication and talent.

Olden Polynice Wishes His Son Chayce Polynice On His Birthday
Olden Polynice Wishes His Son Chayce Polynice On His Birthday (Source: Facebook)

Olden Polynice, a retired Haitian professional basketball player, emerged onto the basketball scene after completing his education at All Hallows High School in the Bronx.

His collegiate basketball journey unfolded at the University of Virginia.

Following three productive years in college, Olden’s talents led to his selection as the 8th overall pick in the 1987 NBA draft by the Chicago Bulls.

However, he was promptly traded to the Seattle SuperSonics for Scottie Pippen.

Olden Polynice’s Son Charting a Legacy in Basketball

Chayce Polynice, originally hailing from Van Nuys, CA, annually celebrates his birthday on December 7.

While specific details about his birth year remain undisclosed, his college senior status suggests he is in his early twenties.

Currently enrolled at Long Beach State University, Chayce showcases his basketball prowess as a valuable asset to the university’s team.

As he approaches the culmination of his senior year, his exceptional performance on the court has been noteworthy.

In the 2022/23 season, he participated in 23 games during his debut season at Long Beach State, unfortunately missing six of the last seven games due to injury.

Chayce Polynice, carving his own path in the world of basketball, follows in the footsteps of his 15-year NBA veteran father, Olden Polynice
Chayce Polynice Follows In The Footsteps Of His 15-Year NBA Veteran Father, Olden Polynice (Source: Instagram)

Before joining Long Beach State, he spent two seasons at the College of Southern Idaho, where, as a freshman, he played in 21 games for the Golden Eagles.

After sitting out the 2020-21 season, he made a strong comeback in 2021-22, assuming an increased role and featuring in 32 games with 27 starts.

Chayce began as a four-year letter-winner at Grant High School, boasting an impressive senior season averaging 13.5 points, 16.0 rebounds, and 2.4 blocks per game.

His outstanding performance earned him the East Valley League Player of the Year title.

The trajectory of Chayce Polynice’s basketball career continues to unfold, promising an exciting future in the world of sports.

Olden Polynice Son’s Resounding Triumph

In his high school heydays, Chayce Polynice etched his name into the annals of school history.

He shattered a longstanding record with an astounding 28 rebounds during a triumphant 69-55 victory over Chatsworth on home turf.

The breakdown of his stellar performance revealed a mastery of both offensive and defensive boards.

He secured an impressive haul of 15 offensive rebounds and 13 defensive rebounds.

The prior record, a commendable 27 rebounds, stood unbroken since 1971, as documented in the program’s historical records.

Chayce Polynice Committed To Long Beach State University On April 2022
Chayce Polynice Committed To Long Beach State University In April 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Chayce’s record-setting feat took on a redemptive tone following a disheartening loss to Granada Hills Charter, where the team fell 69-28, with a halftime score of 39-15.

Reflecting on the remarkable achievement, Grant coach Tarek Abdelsameia remarked,

“The whole team was underwhelming that night.”

However, Chayce’s response to the setback was nothing short of extraordinary.

“He dominated the game,” Abdelsameia affirmed, encapsulating the sheer brilliance of Chayce’s performance on that memorable night.

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