Who Is Gemi Bordelon, Bo Bordelon Mom? Age And Wikipedia

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Bo Bordelon’s mom, Gemi Bordelon, gained widespread recognition when a TikTok video featuring her dancing to a song went viral.

The LSU Tigers men’s football team, including Bo, achieved a national championship victory against Clemson in 2020, leading to a visit to the White House.

During this visit, the team created a ‘Get the Gat’ video, which also garnered viral attention. 

Bo Bordelon Is A LSU Tigers Offensive Lineman
Bo Bordelon Is A LSU Tigers Offensive Lineman (Source: ESPN)

Bo, born in Raceland, LA, is the son of former football player Ben Bordelon and Gemi Bordelon.

Growing up in a football-centric environment, Bo developed a passion for the sport, leading him to play for various teams.

Bo’s football talent didn’t go unnoticed, earning him recognition as a four-star prospect by ESPN and Rivals, with a three-star rating from 247sports.

Impressing statewide and nationally, he holds the impressive rankings of No. 27 prospect in the state and No. 45 nationally, according to 247sports.

As Bo embarks a career at LSU, he carries the promise of a successful football career, following in the accomplished footsteps of his father.

Who Is Gemi Bordelon, Bo Bordelon Mom? Age And Wikipedia

Gemi Bordelon is the mother of young football player Bo Bordelon and the wife of Ben Bordelon, a former football player.

Gemi Bordelon was born in Louisiana, USA in 1975 and is 49 years old as of 2024. She is an American businesswoman who is a supportive wife and a mother.

Ben and Gemi also share two other children: a daughter named Brooke Bordelon and a son named Brett Bordelon.

Despite her connection to the football world, Gemi typically led a private life. However, she gained unexpected viral attention when a TikTok video featuring her dancing caught the public’s eye.

Ben And Gemi Bordelon Attending Their Daughter's Graduation
Ben And Gemi Bordelon Attending Their Daughter’s Graduation (Source: Instagram)

This moment coincided with the Louisiana State University’s football team’s visit to the White House, where a TikTok video of the team performing the “Get the Gat” dance went viral.

Fans were intrigued to identify the woman in the video, and it was later revealed by Gemi’s daughter, Brooke Bordelon.

Bo Bordelon Has Two Siblings

Bo Bordelon, growing up in Louisiana, shares a close bond with his two siblings, a sister, and a brother. All three siblings have a passion for sports.

Bo’s eldest sister, Brooke graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in Mass Communication, specializing in Public Relations and Image Management.

Presently, she works as a Communications and Advocacy Intern at the Louisiana Travel Association and is happily married.

Bo Bordelon With His Two Siblings
Bo Bordelon With His Two Siblings (Source: Instagram)

Following the family’s sporting legacy, Bo’s younger brother, Brett, embraced football from a young age.

As a four-star player, Brett committed to LSU after high school, choosing the Tigers over prominent programs like Georgia, Alabama, and Texas.

His decision aligns with the family’s ties to LSU, where their father played in the 1990s, and Bo, his older brother, is currently part of the team.

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