Who Is Henry Tuilagi Wife? Meet The Mother Of Posolo Tuilagi

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The former Samoan rugby player Henry Tuilagi forms a supportive and loving family unit with his wife and family, all sharing a love for his sport.

Henry Tuilagi comes from a background with a rich lineage in rugby, with multiple family members involved in the sport.

However, a lesser-known individual of the family is Henry’s wife, who lives a private life.

Former Samoan Rugby Player Henry Tuilagi
Former Samoan Rugby Player Henry Tuilagi (Source: SA Rugby Magazine)

Henry Tuilagi is a former professional rugby union player who appeared ten times for his nation, Samoa.

Additionally, he played club rugby in Italy, France, and England. He comes from a dynasty of familial rugby ties.

Alesana (Alex), his brother, previously showcased his skills with Leicester before venturing into Japanese rugby.

Furthermore, his brothers Fereti (Freddie), Anitelea (Andy), Manu, and Sanele Vavae Tuilagi have all retired from professional rugby, adding to the family’s rich rugby legacy.

Who Is Henry Tuilagi Wife?

The former Samoan rugby star has not revealed much information regarding his wife.

However, he does have seven children, one of whom is French rugby star Posolo Tuilagi.

Henry chooses to keep information regarding his wife and married life under wraps.

Perhaps he recognizes the potential harm media attention can bring to their life.

Especially with such a sporting family, it is necessary to maintain privacy from media scrutiny.

Famous Rugby Tuilagi Brothers
Famous Rugby Tuilagi Brothers (Source: The Mirror)

This becomes increasingly essential to safeguard personal moments and to preserve the balance between public and private life amid constant media attention.

However, he shares a strong bond with his family, which has produced so many rugby players.

One of Henry’s children, Posolo, plays international rugby for France. This has led to even more intrigue regarding their family chronicles.

It will be interesting to see if Henry is more candid about his married life as the stature of the Tuilagi family grows.

Their Incredible Family Rugby Legacy

The Tuilagi family has a remarkable legacy in rugby, and their unparalleled contributions and enduring impact on the sport are immortal.

Subsequently, the Tuilagi family boasts seven brothers, including Henry, with six reaching a commendable level in rugby.

The eldest, Freddie, not only represented Leicester but also played 16 Tests for Samoa before transitioning to a career as a players’ agent.

To add, he has two teenage sons actively involved in rugby.

The brothers are famed for their courage and bravery on the field.

Subsequently, they are feared by opponents for their grit and strength.

There is certainly no ignoring the blood-chilling brothers once the whistle goes.  

Similarly, as aforementioned, Posolo Tuilagi, the son of Henry, plays internationally for France.

French Star Posolo Tuilagi
French Star Posolo Tuilagi (Source: Planet Rugby)

At a height of 6’4″ and a weight of 145 kilograms, the teenager significantly surpasses his father in size.

Additionally, people have noticed the striking resemblance Posolo shares with his father.

The USA Perpignan Forwards Coach hailed his incredible personality and the characteristics he shares with father Henry.

“He has the same behaviors and the same mannerisms as his father. He runs the same way with the head tilted a little backward. With the mass he has and the explosiveness he gets from his father, I think he can hurt a lot of guys.”

Posolo now joins the illustrious rugby dynasty, upholding the family tradition established by his father, Henry, and uncles Freddie, Alesana, Vavae, and the esteemed England International, Manu Tuilagi.

Additionally, he follows in the footsteps of his cousins Freddy and Brian Tuilagi, who are the sons of Lauaki Fred.

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