Who Is Jake Marsh Mom? Meet The Parents Of Barstool Sportscaster

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The Barstool Sports reporter Jake Marsh holds a strong bond with his mom, Suzy Simon Marsh. He is the oldest son of Suzy and Gregory Marsh. 

A Syracuse University graduate, Jake Marsh previously worked with Citrus TV during his graduation. He also worked with WJPZ Radio and was a play-by-play broadcaster and studio host for the ACC Network area. 

The Reporter Recently Pictured During Pardon My Take Podcast
The Reporter Recently Pictured During Pardon My Take Podcast (Source: Instagram)

After graduation, Jake began working with Learfield as their Broadcaster, and a year later, he also became part of the Barstool Sports. He joined them as their Sports Business Reporter in 2019. 

Jake makes appearances on the sports podcast “Pardon My Take” and has a segment called the “PMT Sports Biz Minute.” Recently, he appeared on The Mark Titus Show, and while recording, they even received a call from Jeff Goodman, who is in the middle of his controversy with the Big East. 

Who Is Jake Marsh Mom? Meet Suzy Simon Marsh 

Jake Marsh mom, Suzy Simon Marsh, is a proud mother of four kids. The Barstool reporter is the oldest child of his mom, Suzy, and dad, Gregory Marsh. 

Suzy is available on Facebook but isn’t very active. She previously shared a couple of pictures of her parents and that of her mom. Her parents, Elaine and Seymour Simon, have passed away, and Suzy has a couple of brothers.

One of her brothers happens to be David Simon, the Vice President of Investments at UBS. Her other brother, Steven Simon, previously worked at CW33 TV and WSVN-TV.

Previously, in 2020, it was reported Steven’s position as news director at CW39 KIAH had been eliminated as Nexstar Media Group made changes to newly acquired Tribune stations.

Jake Marsh Pictured With His Parents, Gregory And Suzy Marsh
Jake Marsh Pictured With His Parents, Gregory And Suzy Marsh (Source: Instagram)

Suzy also happens to have a sister named Ellen Simon Cohen, a University of Florida graduate. The Simon family previously lived in Boca Raton, Florida. 

The Barstool reporter, Jake Marsh, had previously said that his father was an excellent athlete during his college days. He didn’t state which college but wrote that he made it to the all-state for baseball and basketball. 

Jake’s tweet read, “My father still thinks I’m a failure because I can dunk a basketball but was never that good. He was all-state in basketball and baseball.”

Gregory is available on X and has previously shared photos of him and Jake wearing the Yankees jersey. He captioned the post, “6/13/1999, my first meeting Yankees @ marlins.”

Jake Marsh Siblings 

Jake Marsh has three younger siblings-Drew, Alec, and Janey Marsh. Jake might not share too many family posts nowadays, but scrolling down his page, you can see a few family photos the journalist has previously shared with his followers. 

Jake’s brother, Drew Marsh, graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a degree in sports media in 2020. While pursuing his degree, Drew worked as a videographer on the content crew for the football team.

He also interned at FOX Sports for three months in 2019. After graduation, Drew joined Louisiana State University as their manager of Athletic Video, but he left the role in 2022.

Jake Marsh Pictured With His Siblings, From L To R: Alec, Janey And Drew Marsh
Jake Marsh Pictured With His Siblings, From L To R: Alec, Janey And Drew Marsh (Source: Instagram)

Since June 2022, Drew has been working for Fresh Tape Media as their producer. Drew is available on Instagram and continuously shares posts with his team and personal life. 

Jake’s youngest brother, Alec Marsh, is a University of Florida graduate and works as a social media manager and voice-over artist. The youngest of the Marsh family, Janey Marsh is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in fine arts and will graduate in 2025. 

She is available on Instagram and has previously shared videos of her dancing. Last year, she made a video in collaboration with Jason Williams, and a year before with Struther. 

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