Who Is Jenn Drummond Husband? Mountain Climbing Mother Of 7

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American mountain climber and motivational speaker Jenn Drummond often speaks of her kids behind her inspiration to achieve the impossible. However, people might have noticed that she has not spoken about her husband in interviews.

Drummond, who now lives in Park City, Utah, set up a Guinness Book Record, climbing seven-second summits from all continents in June 2023.

During all these times, Jenn has often stated that she attempted such daring acts to inspire her kids. In fact, she started her campaign after one of her kids dared her to climb Mt. Everest in 2020. 

Meanwhile, people are curious to know about her kids’ father. So, who is Jenn Drummond’s husband? Has she revealed anything about him yet? Read further to find out!

American Mountain Climber And Motivational Speaker Jenn Drummond
American Mountain Climber And Motivational Speaker Jenn Drummond (Source: Gray + Miller Agency)

Jenn Drummond has had an athletic spirit since childhood and enjoyed playing soccer in her teens.

A graduate of Hope College in Michigan, she initially attended Southern Methodist University, where she was part of a collegiate soccer team.

She dedicated her life to looking after her family and kids after her marriage. However, her life completely changed after surviving a life-threatening accident in 2018.

Her success story within such a short time is truly inspiring for every mother in the United States.

Who Is Jenn Drummond Husband?

The famous American mountain climber Jenn Drummond has been married for a long time, but she has successfully kept her marital life out of the limelight.

Following her mountaineering career success, several popular American media covered her story, from her humble beginnings in Michigan to her life as a mom, but she never revealed anything about her husband.

Jenn Drummond
Jenn Drummond (Source: YouTube)

Because of her silence on this matter for all these years, some people even suspected her to be a single mother. However, this, too, has not been confirmed.

In an interview with YouTuber Alan Arnette a year ago, the interviewer reiterated the fact that she does not want to discuss her personal life publicly, as that is entirely her private matter. 

Drummond, however, accepts that she has received all kinds of support in her life’s journey from her family, including her husband, and they are proud of what she has achieved so far. 

Jenn Drummond Is A Proud Mom Of Seven Kids

Jenn Drummond and her husband together have seven kids. Currently in her forties, she revealed in an interview that she gave birth to all her kids when she was between twenty-six and thirty-three.

Her first son, Jack, was born in October 2006. Following him, Jenn had four other sons, namely Joe, Jacob, John, and Josh. While the initial three were born just one year after another, Josh is two years younger than John.

Likewise, Jenn welcomed twin daughters, Jana and Julia, just a year after Josh was born.

Jenn had a fatal car accident in 2018 while returning home to Park City from work.

Jenn Drummond With Her Kids
Jenn Drummond With Her Kids (Source: Insider)

After surviving, she believed she was alive only for two primary reasons. One was to spend as much time as possible with her kids, and the other one was to try out something special.

Having moved to Utah in 2015, Jenn had already developed an interest in hiking, trekking, and climbing. When one of her kids challenged her to climb Everest in 2020, she took it seriously.

At first, she had accepted the challenge to boost her kids’ spirits, but she took it to the next level following her coach’s suggestion to try for the world record, climbing the second-highest mountains from every continent. 

She eventually did it. Jenn frequently says that she could not have achieved whatever she has now without her children. They inspire her, and she is proud of her little ones.

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