Who Is Julie Applewhite, Major Applewhite Wife? Age And Wikipedia

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Major Applewhite, the head coach of South Alabama, has been happily married to his wife, Julie Applewhite, for nineteen years.

Julie has been a steadfast support system for Major throughout their journey together. The couple is also blessed with two children, forming a loving family.

Major Applewhite Becomes The Fourth Head Coach of South Alabama Jaguars
Major Applewhite Becomes The Fourth Head Coach of South Alabama Jaguars (Source: Sports Illustrated)

On January 18th, Major Applewhite achieved a significant milestone in his career by becoming the fourth person to be named as the new head coach for South Alabama Football.

The Director of Athletics, Joel Erdmann, made the announcement about Applewhite’s appointment in January 2024.

Before being appointed as the head coach, Applewhite worked as an offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the South Alabama Jaguars.

Born on July 26th, 1978, Major Lee Applewhite was an exceptional college football quarterback for the Texas Longhorns.

After retiring from playing, Applewhite transitioned into coaching, where he continued to excel.

Notably, he served as the head coach for the University of Houston from 2017 to 2018, leading the team to several impressive victories.

Major Applewhite Wife, Julie Applewhite,

The head coach, Major Applewhite, tied the knot with his wife, Julie Applewhite, on July 15, 2005. 

Major Applewhite’s wife Julie was born in San Antonio, Texas, and studied at Robert E. Lee High School. Later, she graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Psychology.

Besides being a mother and a wife, Julie is also a career-focused woman. She is currently a Realtor at LLB&B, Inc. Real Estate and has been with the company since July 2021.

Before her current position, Julie held the role of Client Relations Manager at Fulbright & Jaworski LLP. 

Major Applewhite With His Wife Julie
Major Applewhite With His Wife Julie (Source: Facebook)

She also worked as a professional development manager at Fulbright & Jaworski LLP from 2006 to 2007.

After her tenure at Fulbright, Julie gained real estate experience at H.A. Edwards, Inc. in Tuscaloosa, working as a realtor for one year. 

Being a working woman herself, Julie is also a supportive wife. She has been a supportive presence in Major Applewhite’s coaching career.

The Couple Share Two Kids Together

The Applewhite couple has been happily married for nineteen years and they have been blessed with two lovely children. Their family currently reside in Mobile, Alabama.

After tying the knot in 2005, they celebrated the arrival of their first child, Lila, in March 2009. Lila is currently fourteen years old.

Later, the couple expanded their family with the birth of their second child, a baby boy named Nash Applewhite, in April 2016.

Major Applewhite With His Wife Julie And Kids
Major Applewhite With His Wife Julie And Kids (Source: Facebook)

Recently, Julie shared a picture of her family following the recent announcement of Major becoming the head coach of South Alabama.

They attended the event to support their father and husband, celebrating his significant achievement.

Did Major Applewhite Cheated on His Wife?

In 2009, during the Fiesta Bowl, Major Applewhite, a former assistant coach at the University of Texas, had a consensual relationship with an adult student.

Although the incident occurred in 2009, it was not revealed until 2013, when the University of Texas disclosed a separate incident involving students.

At the time of the incident, Applewhite’s wife was pregnant with their first child.

After being questioned about the incident, Applewhite issued a statement taking full responsibility for his actions and stated that he would not repeat such behavior in the future.

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