Who Is Madison Sheppard, Reed Sheppard Sister? Age And Wikipedia

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Madison Sheppard is the sister of famous young talent Reed Sheppard. In addition, she has also taken up the role of her younger brother’s guiding pillar.

Reed Sheppard is one of the blooming young athletes who will probably play in the NBA one day. As of now, he is busy lighting up college basketball.

Moreover, his sister Madison is one of the focal aspects of Reed’s life. She is not only his sister but also her guardian, who looks over his career orientation.

University Of Kentucky Shooting Guard Reed Sheppard
University Of Kentucky Shooting Guard Reed Sheppard (Source: Instagram)

Reed Sheppard is a 19-year-old student-athlete from London, Kentucky. Sheppard has been a stand-out talent since his high school days at North Laurel. 

Furthermore, he was the leading state scorer and went on to play in the 2023 McDonald’s All-American Boys Game. The shooting guard put out an impressive display alongside stars like Bronny James.

Eventually, Reed became a 4-star recruit and had plenty of offers from top colleges. However, he stayed true to his roots and opted to join the University of Kentucky.

Kentucky, Mr. Basketball is currently in his freshman season and continues to impress.

Meet Madison Sheppard, Sister of Reed Sheppard

Reed, the younger of the Sheppard siblings, plays a supportive role in the Sheppard household, with his sister Madison taking the lead.

Madison, an accomplished athlete, attended North Laurel High School and left her mark on the basketball court.

As a talented guard, she set numerous records and earned accolades, including the TRISPY Girl’s Basketball Player of The Year during high school.

Madison’s basketball journey continued as she pursued her education at Campbellsville University, making her mark on the college basketball scene.

Reed Sheppard's Elder Sister Madison
Reed Sheppard’s Elder Sister Madison (Source: Campbellsville University Athletics)

Unfortunately, a back injury forced her out, and all she could do was act as a support to her team. But her outstanding nature and virtue won Madison the Miss Tiger and Don Bishop Champion of Character awards.

Moreover, she has already concluded her athletic career and is focusing on her professional life. Madison graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry with a Biology minor.

As of today, she is a Post Acute Business Development Representative at Trella Health.

How Old Is Madison? More On Sister Sheppard

Madison Sheppard celebrates her birthday on July 12 and is only a year older than her brother Reed.

Moreover, she is already in a marital relationship with Caleb Wigginton and has adopted his last name.

She has a detailed LinkedIn account, but her Instagram is private. 

Furthermore, Madison is an excellent scholar with records of academic honors throughout her student life.

Reed And Madison: An Extraordinary Relationship

Despite being only a year apart, the siblings share a very honorable relationship. Madison often takes up the role of being her brother’s guardian of some sort.

The best example of this was during the recruiting days. As many top colleges were looming over Reed and wanting his signature, it was Madison who acted as his agent.

Watching her younger brother under such pressure released her protective side. She talked with the coaches and went through the plans the programs had for her talented sib.

Reed And Madison During Easter Celebrations
Reed And Madison During Easter Celebrations (Source: Instagram)

Madison further clarified, “It was just important to me as an older sister to see what they had planned.”

The siblings also frequently play against each other, and since both are so competitive, it often ends in fights.

In many ways, we can see an elder sister acting as the guardian angel of an innocent and talented brother.


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