Who Is Miriam Ramos, Sergio Ramos Sister? Wikipedia And Age

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Popular Spanish soccer player Sergio Ramos has an elder sister named Miriam Ramos. While Miriam may be lesser-known in the public eye, she has carved out her own successful path in life.

In addition to Miriam, Sergio also has another sibling, an elder brother named Rene. Just like Sergio, Rene is also involved in the soccer industry. 

But unlike the Ramos brothers, Miriam has pursued a thriving career in the Skin Care and supplements industry.

Mirian Ramos
Mirian Ramos, Sergio Ramos Sister (Source: Instagram)

Sergio Ramos García is a legendary Spanish soccer player who plays club soccer from Sevilla. He returned to Sevilla, his boyhood club, in 2023 after a stint at Paris Saint-Germain.

Having risen through Sevilla’s ranks, he joined Real Madrid in 2005 and became an iconic figure, winning 22 major titles, including five La Liga and four UEFA Champions League trophies.

Ramos’s impact in crucial moments, like his 2014 UEFA Champions League equalizer and 2010 FIFA World Cup triumph with Spain, solidified his legacy.

He boasts numerous accolades, including 11 FIFPro World11 and nine UEFA Team of the Year selections.

With 131 international victories, he is Spain’s most-capped player. However, the player has already retired from his international career (23 February 2023). 

Who Is Miriam Ramos, Sergio Ramos Sister? Wikipedia And Age

Sergio Ramos sister, Miriam Ramos, nicknamed ‘Mirita,’ was born on July 3, 1984. She is two years older than her brother, Sergio. 

Miriam is married to Carlos Muela Regli, who manages one of Sergio’s cherished ventures, Yeguada SR4. The two got married at Salvador Church on July 14, 2012, in Seville, Spain.

Miriam and Carlos are proud parents of three children. They gave birth to their twin sons on June 13, 2014, and a daughter on September 8, 2017.

Mirian Ramos With Her Family
Mirian Ramos With Her Family (Source: Instagram)

Miriam’s devotion to family and her close-knit relationship with her brother is evident in the way they continue to foster a strong sense of kinship among their children.

While Miriam may be lesser-known in the public eye, she has carved out her own successful path in life. Unlike her brother’s fame in soccer, Miriam has pursued a thriving career in the realm of Skin Care and supplements.

She is the driving force behind the company Ringana, which specializes in providing fresh, vegan-based natural products to customers.

Despite her low-key presence on social media, Miriam’s dedication to her family, her brother’s business, and her own entrepreneurial endeavors showcase her as a dynamic and accomplished individual in her own right.

Parents, Brothers, And Family

Miriam Ramos was born to her parents, Jose Maria Ramos and Paqui Ramos. Besides Miriam, her parents gave birth to two children, Sergio and Rene. Rene is the eldest sibling, followed by Miriam, and Sergio is the youngest. 

Rene Ramos, born on June 11, 1978, serves as the President and Chairman of the RR-Soccer Management Agency.

He was previously married to Vania Millán, a Spanish model, but the two separated in 2016. Rene is currently in a relationship with Spanish pop singer Lorena Gómez Perez. 

Similarly, Sergio Ramos, the youngest, as mentioned above, is a legendary soccer player. He is married to Spanish reporter and TV presenter Pilar Rubio. 

Frequently Asked Question

Who is Sergio Ramos Sister?

Sergio Ramos sister is Miriam Ramos. 

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