Who Is Omar The Referee? Death News Of The Legendary Ref Trends

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The viral ‘Refree catching ball’ meme referee, Omar, reportedly died on August 10, 2023.

He gained a lot of recognition from his popular TikTok video of him making a dramatic catch before the ball goes out of bounds.

This viral video is popular as the Ref Catches Basketball meme, and it gained a lot of traction as a hilarious template.

Moreover, he was a well-known figure in his local community.

Omar The Referee's Viral Meme
Omar The Referee’s Viral Meme (Source: TikTok)

Omar the Baltimore Ref is a well-known personality in Baltimore, Maryland area. He used to serve as a basketball referee for several high school and middle school games.

But recently, after his viral video, people from all around the world came to know about his existence.

The Original ‘Referee Catching Ball’ Meme

A TikTok video was circulating that featured a basketball referee’s impressive save as he caught the ball just before it went out of bounds.

This video has become widely known as the “Ref Catches Basketball” meme and showcases the action of none other than Omar The Ref.

Initially shared on TikTok by the user @farrish_gang in April of this year, the footage portrays Omar seated courtside behind the referee.

As the ball approaches the boundary line, the referee skillfully catches it, briefly halting and locking eyes with the camera.

‘Omar The Ref’ is a familiar figure within the Baltimore, Maryland community, renowned for his eccentric on-court behavior.

He has gained previous viral attention for his unconventional antics. With a reputation as Omar the Baltimore Ref, he has been an active referee for local high school and middle school games for a considerable period.

As evident from various TikTok videos, Omar’s catching maneuver is just one of many memorable aspects of his officiating style that the community recognizes and appreciates.

Was His Death A Suicide?

There was a post by BBC trending on Twitter which highlighted that the ref was dead.

But upon thorough research, we were not able to find any official confirmation from BBC if Omar’s demise was a suicide or a natural death.

However, there are many posts and online speculation about his death, causing an uproar among his followers and fans who knew him from the viral TikTok video.



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