Who Is Paige Jones, Jess Lockwood Girlfriend? Age And Wiki

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There have been widespread rumors about Jess Lockwood dating a new girlfriend. Lockwood has been dating professional barrel racer Paige Jones.

Lockwood was married to Hailey Kinsel, a World Barrel Racing Champion. They tied the knot in 2019 after dating for over a year. 

However, the marriage did not last long. While the exact date and cause of their divorce is not on public records, it is alleged that Lockwood’s affair led to their divorce. 

Jess Lockwood At A Rodeo Festival
Jess Lockwood At A Rodeo Festival (Source: Instagram)

Jess Lockwood is an American bull rider competing in the Professional Bull Riders (PBR). He was born in Volborg, Montana, on September 28, 1997.

Lockwood grew up on his family’s 12,000-acre ranch. His father, Ed Lockwood, was a former bull riding champion, while his mother, Angie Lockwood, was a former barrel racer.

Naturally, he gravitated to bull riding. He’d started his career riding bulls in the 8th grade. Moreover, in his junior year of high school, he won $60,000 as the Northern Rodeo Association year-end champion.  

However, his professional start came in 2015 after joining the PBR on his eighteenth birthday. In the following year, Lockwood earned Rookie of the Year. 

Additionally, on November 5, 2017, Lockwood became the youngest PBR World Champion and won it again in 2019. With that win, he was named the youngest bull rider with two PBR World Championships.  

In 2023, he ranked at No. 10 out of the top 30 bull riders in the history of Professional Bull Riding. 

Jess Lockwood Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating?

Jess Lockwood has been dating his girlfriend, Paige Jones. However, the exact date of the start of their relationship is unknown.

Lockwood and Jones have often appeared on each other’s social media, specifically Instagram. Lockwood first posted a picture with the two of them together on December 14, 2021.

Jess Lockwood With His Girlfriend Paige Jones
Jess Lockwood With His Girlfriend Paige Jones (Source: Instagram)

Since then, the couple hasn’t hesitated to profess their love for each other on public platforms. However, they haven’t shared their story of how or where they met, which leaves plenty of blanks to be filled.

They have often referred to each other as best friends, which suggests they might have been long-term friends first. Perhaps this is one of the stories of friendship blossoming into a relationship.

Similarly, it also begs the question of whether the person Lockwood allegedly had an affair with is Jones. Considering their long friendship, it is more than likely that the two might have had an affair. 

Professionally, Jones is a barrel racer. Like Lockwood, Jones grew up in a house full of cattle and horses. 

Unsurprisingly, after turning 18, Jones joined the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association. Despite a turbulent season due to COVID, she finished at 32nd rank in world standing and earned a Resistol Rookie of the Year

Furthermore, in the following season, improving her 2020 standing, she finished 29th. In 2022, she finished at 17th. 

In her three years of professional competition, Jones has made a total earning of $102,969. 

Is the Affair Rumor True?

The fans had been speculating about a disturbed relationship between Lockwood and his ex-wife, Hailey Kinsel. 

Lockwood dated Kinsel for over a year before settling down in 2019. On October 25, 2019, a 22-year-old Lockwood married a 25-year-old Kinsel on her ranch in Texas.

Jess Lockwood And Ex-Wife Hailey Kinsel In Their Wedding Photo
Jess Lockwood And Ex-Wife Hailey Kinsel In Their Wedding Photo (Source: X)

However, the marriage didn’t last long. Unfortunately, their reasons for separation are yet unknown. 

Another rumor suggested Lockwood had an affair, which might have been the reason behind the divorce. 

Moreover, his relationship with his current girlfriend, Paige Jones, a long-term best friend, has raised questions. 

Neither of them has come forward with a statement to address what might have gone wrong in the marriage. 

Moreover, their divorce was settled privately and was never publicly announced. Likewise, some fans quickly pointed out that Kinsel had stopped following Lockwood.

This has left fans speculating on what might have gone wrong. Until either of them confirm or deny anything, all we can do is wait. 

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